The Weekend knots

10 03 2008

Cornerstone Church

Visited Cornerstone Community Church on Sunday, and as I missed the 10.30am service, i went to the Youth / Young Adult Service at 1pm. It was a good service, not that I feel extraordinarily old and out of place, but the vibrant youth in their abundance of energy. Not to mention the fair share of ‘childish’ behaviour of some of the youths, reminded me I was once like that.

Pastor Daniel, the Youth pastor for Cornerstone, preached on Nehemiah 2. It was a good sermon especially when it comes to building a firm foundation for the youth ministry in years to come. The key is gaining favour from God, and through the tests God set us up, is not to fail us, but to promote us. There was so much to take away from that service, and I really learned lots of things.

After that, went over to Eagle’s nest and meet Mercy. Had a long chat with Pastor Sally, till about 11pm and about marriage, about rock music and many many more. Guess overall, this Sunday was especially great, and i thoroughly enjoyed it.




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11 03 2008

Hi Dan,

So sorry you missed the 2nd service. The recorded sermon mp3’s not up yet but it’s about the church upholding standards (the boundary stones) in society. You can check this site ( later this week for the sermon, but you already know that… 😉

Keep on following Christ. The time is near. God bless you and Mercy.

10 01 2009

Seek Christ only. The time is getting nearer.

Take some time this new year & listen to the Lord’s heartfelt message for the churches in Singapore -Prayer Seminar with Nita Johnson (Part 1) at Cornerstone in 2005

Click on Listen to Sermon

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