Snipplets of Life – 6th March

6 03 2008

It is a rainy Thursday. Almost woke up late for work from the good sleep I had, I simply love this weather to sleep in, but Oh well. Got on the bus and realized it is packed and I have no idea why SBS Transit has to plan for a single deck bus to come at the peak hour where they have tons of double deck buses, and as a result, the bus is packed. I have to go all the way to the back as some just refuses to move in.

There is this man who pushes his way to the back and I was wondering why, and until he found the seat to sit down, he has a handicap problem. WOW, I was kinda asking why no one bothers to give up the seat for him. Anyway he seems like the sort that won’t appreciate such help, as such showing of concern could only be seen as a sign of pity.

Thereafter, i’ve to walk a short distance to the office in the rain, and got into a heated conversation with Mercy. Then again, I love that girl, what can I do? I mean which couple never fought in their lifestyle? No right? Duh.

Boss treated lunch at Harrys and it was good. At least hey free lunch is always good. Got a place to go to now for our 2nd year anniversary with Mercy and since I am not the kind to keep surprises, I told her about it.

Having a terrible headache after a short but totally irrelevant phone conversation with Mercy, (YES, again, another heated conversation of blaming me for something she apparently should have taken more responsibility for!). Ok, this is not the usual “Blame the girl”tactic, alright?



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