Paradise of God takes on a new look

25 01 2009
The new look!

The new look!

Today, a new look for Paradise of God Church dons the coming of the new year as the Chinese community in Singapore celebrates the Lunar New Year tomorrow.

Thanks for the superbly designed website by Sean, we have put together a really cool site that spots the new Live Streaming of our services to the world, that through Media, the gospel will be preached.


Todd Bentley

15 08 2008

As i have wrote on the validity of Todd Bentley’s move on Revival and a false prophet and teacher as Todd is, I read with little shock that Todd Bentley has announced an official separation and eventual divorce with his wife and 2 kids, and he has announced to leave the Revival ministry to concentrate on travel evangelist.

This is on

“It is with considerable sadness then, that we must temper the jubilation we know you all feel with the sobering news that Todd and Shonnah Bentley are presently experiencing significant friction in their relationship and are currently separated. We want to affirm that there has been no sexual immorality on the part of either Todd or Shonnah, nor has there ever been. Undoubtedly the pressures and the burden of the Outpouring, which approaches 144 days on August 23rd, have helped to create an atmosphere of fatigue and stress that has exacerbated existing issues in their relationship. We wish to stress however, that the Outpouring is not “to blame” for the current chain of events and that in effect we have no interest in blaming anyone, but rather we deeply covet your prayers for Todd and Shonnah and for Fresh Fire Ministries during this time.

We know that many of you will have questions, for most of which we presently have no answers. We cannot see far down the path ahead of us, but we have quiet confidence in the One who sees the end from the beginning and promises to provide grace and strength for whatever lies ahead. We are hopeful that the outcome will include restoration, but we can make neither promise nor guarantee. We intend to take each day as it comes and look intently for the new mercies promised us each morning. We will watch and pray and ask each of you to do the same, knowing that you will pray as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

And Patricia King had a video on her website on Todd Bentley’s situation.

I agree with what she said about Christians criticizing each other, especially those in the public such as Todd Bentley, and i support what she said about Todd Bentley fell cos of his pride. I feel there is much more, from the fruits of his false teachings, and even so, as John Maxwell puts it – a true leader always put his family first, and then ministry for it will flourish, but if it is the other way round, both will suffer.

As a public figure within the Christian world, such news only brought mockery to God, and to the Church, and who then, can say the validity of the recent revival that has happened? What will happen to the new converts? Are we seeing a huge exodus of Christians who got saved, going back into world and stumbled by Todd Bentley? Will Todd Bentley bear the responsibility of stumbling thousands of young converts because of his action? Who then can give an answer to all these amidst of disappointment?

I believe no one can, but one thing is for sure, I can trust in God. I am not going to judge Todd but like Patricia King, let’s keep him in prayer. Despite the many flaws in his theology, he is first and foremost, a Child of God, and we need to lift each other up in prayers and in love that the body of Christ must stand united in love. Let’s pray for Todd that God will bring him back, and restore his family, and his ministry that through this, greater glory is ascribed to God!

A praise song for Jezebel.

25 02 2008

As I was browsing through my daily quick read of Christian news and articles, this article caught my attention about what happened at a concert at Wheaton College. I have heard disturbing news of reputable Christian colleges in United States compromising with the Age of the Aquarius and this just confirms what I fear to be the truth.

Oversight Overstep | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

3 01 2008

Oversight Overstep | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

Christianity Today questions the validity of the call by Senator Grassley to investigate the financial irregularities of the Prosperity Preachers Ministry that such is over-stepping of the government’s role and involvement with the Church. That such matter ought to be of concerned to Church’s investigation and not a secular one.

For one, if the Church has failed to ask questions, that such, that we need the government to step in, and has every rights for them to do so. After all, it is not that the government are stepping their boundary, but the Church who has failed in the first place and allowing these ministers to profit in the name of God. The Church on the whole has been fraternizing with the World and the god of this world – mammon, that this call to investigate the Church is a wakeup call to the body of Christ that God will not tolerate such hypocrisy, especially that now, we are in the closing days of the Age where He will come, and He will come for a bride that’s pure, not blemished and dirty.

Faith under siege

12 12 2007

The modern Christianity is at best a confusing to the best intended seekers of truth. On one hand, preachers or self styled prophets with their message at a price, price you can pay with your bank account, to pseudo ministers advocating paganism, atheism, and new age practices as acts of faith.

Deeper into the message of self styled prosperity gospel, lays the danger of introducing heretical doctrines that not only undermined the Authority of the Scriptures but the Gospel. Never with once, the centrality of the Christian Faith lies in our material wealth or how much can God bless His people with so much material wealth, with the exception of Solomon, for he is indeed wealthy beyond count. Looking at Solomon’s life, he led a life of rebellion, lust, and abandoned betrayal of his first love. Shall we heed the wise Solomon’s warning, all is vanity including our material wealth and the prosperity gospel preachers? As it is, we see how true Solomon’s message in the ongoing investigation of these preachers in their lavished lifestyle, that can’t match what the Bible preaches. While we see their sin being exposed, their message diluted, their testimonies watered down, I pray that they too will repent and proclaim victorious through Jesus, like one of my respected man – Jim Bakker, who openly admitted he was wrong and now is being used by God to be His mouthpiece to serve, than to be served.

For self designated prophets with all their false prophecies, I am not surprised nor am i shocked by their audacity in proudly proclaiming and yet, the scriptures is true, a prophet is judged by his prophecies. People like Benny Hinn, Kim Clement, and many who came in the name of Christ, prophesies in His name, yet, missing out on the very purpose of such proclaimation ought to achieve, to bring all who listened to the attention of God Himself, be it a message to call people to repentance, to focus our attention on God despite persecution, offering hope that Jesus is true to His promises He will be back and it is all about Him, not the prophet. As we hear our Father’s heart, we all can be discerning on these false prophet’s message that seems to be so ‘Christianized’ but denying the power of the Cross.

Underneath all these, I see the darker, more sinister forces at work, with these false prophets, false teachers heralding the arrival of ministers disguised in sheeps clothing, to preaching a message that deny all Christ’s divinity and His character. Saying the virgin birth is a myth, restyling the entire new testament to strip off all miracles, they have rendered Christ to mere human. With such travesty, they have no qualms in even having a version of the bible that is nothing more than a bible of atheism. Indeed, the Christian Church is under fire, with enemies laying siege all around, and we shall sit in and wait for the our commander to come to our rescue.

Vatican and Israel in a historical accord

4 12 2007

Latest News from the Straits Times

VATICAN CITY – ISRAEL and the Vatican are close to concluding a historic bilateral accord on the legal and financial status of the Roman Catholic Church in Israel, the country’s ambassador said.

‘We are very close to the conclusion of this historic accord,’ Mr Oded Ben Hur was quoted as saying by Italy’s ANSA news agency at a debate organised by a pontifical university in Rome on Monday.

The text under negotiation is the economic section of the fundamental agreement on relations the Vatican and Israel signed in December 1993.

‘About 85 per cent of the text has been examined and approved by the representatives of Israel and the Vatican,’ said the ambassador.

Negotiations on the text resumed in 2004 after a 10-year hiatus, and Mr Ben Hur said the next round of talks will take place on Dec 13 in Israel.

The two sides are seeking to hammer out an agreement concerning the legal and tax status of Church property in Israel and the commercial activities of Christian communities there.

The Vatican is seeking tax-exempt status for Church institutions. — AFP

Everything is moving according to what so many have taught about the bilateral relations will increase between the Vatican and Israel, and out of the former head of the Roman Empire, will an anti Christ come. Well a lot of people (Christians and even within the Catholic Community) speculated* the next Pope in place will be the Anti Christ.

Eyes on Israel

4 12 2007

Latest Reports from Israel Today

The Temple Institute in Jerusalem this week announced the completion of the solid gold crown the Bible instructs Israel’s high priest to wear while conducting his duties at the Temple, reported Israel National News.

The crown took craftsman carefully following descriptions contained in the Bible, Jewish holy texts and various historical sources more than one year to make.

The crown will be on display in Jerusalem’s Old City until the time that the Third Temple is built on the Temple Mount and Israel’s priestly caste resumes its activities there.

The Temple Institute has for decades been preparing the garments and articles needed for the day the Temple is rebuilt.

Temple Institute Director Rabbi Chaim Richman told Israel National News the next task is the completion of architectural blueprints for the Third Temple, including cost projections and detailed electrical and plumbing schematics.

This means, the time for Israel to build the Temple is near. This event is significant because it will spark off conflicts with the Arabs, and usher the introduction of the Anti Christ in the making of the false peace treaty. Let’s keep all eyes on God, as what transpires in Israel, will be a sign for us, that Jesus is coming back real soon. The world is ready for His coming as it was 2000 years ago.

Another excerpt from Prophezine.

Today some big news came out. The Temple Institute in Jerusalem announced that they have finally received the crown of the High Priest. The new crow replaces the older one, which was in accordance with scripture. After much research and reading the scriptures, commentaries and even historical accounts including Josephus, the new crown was produced.

“The new tzitz is an improvement on one made several years ago, in that it has a back piece, in accordance with some commentators and the account of Josephus.  In addition, it has a locking mechanism so that it will not slip off the Priest’s head, and can be adjusted to fit heads of different sizes.  The old one will be preserved, of course as a “spare,” in keeping with the Mishnaic account that several models of various vessels were kept in the Temple, in case the need arose to replace one.

Asked what project they’re working on at present, Rabbi Richman said, “We have begun work on 120 sets of garments for ‘regular’ priests, not the High Priest.  This involves special thread from India, etc.  In addition, we have begun work on architectural blueprints for the Third Temple, including cost projection, modern supplies, electricity, plumbing, computers, etc.”

You may be asking yourself, “Why is this so important?”

It will be the third temple, the one that will be built during the tribulation that the Antichrist will go into and defile as foretold in scripture.

Daniel 9:27 (KJV) And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

A special note here; this temple that will be built during the tribulation is God’s temple, not the antichrist’s as some believe. Paul, writing to the Thessalonians and speaking of the antichrist makes it very clear that the temple is the temple of God.

2 Thessalonians 2:4 (KJV) Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

We know that we as Christians will not be here to watch the Temple go up, but the fact that the Jews are so focused on their efforts to the building the temple itself is very exciting in deed. This means that we will not be here for much longer.

It is truly an exciting time to be alive.