Loving responsibly.

19 09 2008

It is an irony with a subtle twist of hypocrisy to say that rebuking is tantamount to poison. Then Prophet Nathan’s rebuke of King David was indeed a terrible affair, and we shouldn’t expect any fair amount of rebuke from God Himself, for He chastens those He love and by believing that, are we to make a mockery of the Scriptures?

To make the record straight, i ain’t a prophet, so i often laugh at silly comments to assume I have a special revelation from God. I ain’t holier than any other Christians, but one truth is I will point out a false prophecy. After all, God said we are to test every prophecies, we are to test the spirit of it. Can we or more specifically, I, do it with Love? What’s love that we should hide the truth and coat it in sweet candy floss that the seriousness and gravity of it is ignored? I think the person is more wicked if he doesn’t point out the truth and warn others going down that wide broad road that leads to the fires of hell.

My title of this post – Loving responsibly, shows I ain’t perfect. Mercy would know for sure, i ain’t perfect. I need to learn how to love. I have struggled to love Benny Hinn despite his curses? If i am rebuked in that manner, please do so, and in more rebuke and reminder that I should Love and Love responsibly. That i am guilty and still trying to change. But should i stop writing about the truth? Kim Clement is a false prophet, but in God’s grace and mercy, convict him so he shall find life and repent and turn away from the course that leads to destruction! I shall warn others of following these self styled prophet that prophecized not from God.

I hold and clinch on to the Truth revealed in God’s Words. I do not need special revelation or special interpretation but it is plain in the scripture, that’s good enough for me, and for us. Yet God gave us all a brain to learn textual criticism, not a mystical extra biblical revelation, but through sound doctrines, and sound expository, we shall know the Truth, Truth self revelatory from His Word – The bible!

I approve the comment, because I love such rebuke, and more importantly it is a reminder, i am not perfect, and more so, this person is too a Christian (i assume) so we are commanded to love one another, by this, we are known as a Disciple of Christ.


Love one another

5 04 2008

I’ve often wonder how is it possible to love everyone, because there are always a small group of people i find it so hard to love. Like the person walking in front of me smoking away, or that particular person jaywalking, or a bunch of noisy kids making a nuisance of themselves, or inconsiderate parents. I can’t love if i am looking at these people from my own.

I vaguely remember what someone once said, do not judge the person too soon, because there remains some mystery in the will and act of God that it is not in our jurisdiction to act or comment. Loving each other is a conscious decision every day, every hour, every single minute of my life cos trust me, it is hard but when i make decision at every single minute, i can do it, i can choose to live by the Spirit and see the world through God’s eyes, rather than through mine.

Take a moment, to breathe, and be still before God as i am doing now at Toa Payoh Central, throngs of people like a flood around me, all heading to a certain future in the fiery hell, unless they too will come to the salvation knowledge of Christ. That touches my heart and my spirit, when i connect in my Spirit to God and feel how He felt and what He sees in us, then, loving each other must be a possible lifestyle, and it is just a matter of discipline, a matter of living each day for God.

Just as I have written a couple of days ago, can this love of God allows a compromise in the very condition of Salvation? Can a muslim who believes in Christ, yet hold on to his faith be saved? Or even a buddhist? To go down this road we are fratenizing with the idea of ecumenicism, yet, are we limiting God in this sense? I firmly believes and convicted, that yet when one believes in Christ and what He did on the Cross for the redemption of our sins, he is saved! That’s the essence of the gospel I believe in and proudly proclaims, and with that promise of Salvation always come with the responsibility on our part – our decision on the issue of repentance, turning away from wickedness, go and sin no more! Salvation must result in a change in our life, our mind, and our behaviour and actions. A person who claims to be a Christian, does not bear any fruits in accordance to the decision of salvation in repentance, is consistent with the witness of the Holy Spirit in our lives, not just a witness of Christ’s death and redemption, but a witness of the changing power of God in our lives that leads to a consistency with Christ’s image. That is the message that’s so often not included.