Benny Hinn – a call for prayer for this man.

7 01 2008

A true Man of God will not curse fellow believers. As the scriptures have put it so aptly, the Spirit of the Anti Christ is already among us, and even in the Church, and if possible, to deceive even the elect! As Christians, we need to be discerning, the fruits of these preachers like Benny Hinn that we will not be partaker of His ministry. On the other hand, Bless those who curse us. I urge all Christians, to keep Benny Hinn and his wife in prayer, that they will turn back to God.

We are all at times, guilty, of hating our brothers in these times, however, let us keep this in mind, we ought to love God with our all heart, soul and mind, and love one another as ourselves. That includes Benny Hinn and his wife, Suzanne Hinn.

More on Benny Hinn and his Dark anointing. / Youtube Video

Faith under siege

12 12 2007

The modern Christianity is at best a confusing to the best intended seekers of truth. On one hand, preachers or self styled prophets with their message at a price, price you can pay with your bank account, to pseudo ministers advocating paganism, atheism, and new age practices as acts of faith.

Deeper into the message of self styled prosperity gospel, lays the danger of introducing heretical doctrines that not only undermined the Authority of the Scriptures but the Gospel. Never with once, the centrality of the Christian Faith lies in our material wealth or how much can God bless His people with so much material wealth, with the exception of Solomon, for he is indeed wealthy beyond count. Looking at Solomon’s life, he led a life of rebellion, lust, and abandoned betrayal of his first love. Shall we heed the wise Solomon’s warning, all is vanity including our material wealth and the prosperity gospel preachers? As it is, we see how true Solomon’s message in the ongoing investigation of these preachers in their lavished lifestyle, that can’t match what the Bible preaches. While we see their sin being exposed, their message diluted, their testimonies watered down, I pray that they too will repent and proclaim victorious through Jesus, like one of my respected man – Jim Bakker, who openly admitted he was wrong and now is being used by God to be His mouthpiece to serve, than to be served.

For self designated prophets with all their false prophecies, I am not surprised nor am i shocked by their audacity in proudly proclaiming and yet, the scriptures is true, a prophet is judged by his prophecies. People like Benny Hinn, Kim Clement, and many who came in the name of Christ, prophesies in His name, yet, missing out on the very purpose of such proclaimation ought to achieve, to bring all who listened to the attention of God Himself, be it a message to call people to repentance, to focus our attention on God despite persecution, offering hope that Jesus is true to His promises He will be back and it is all about Him, not the prophet. As we hear our Father’s heart, we all can be discerning on these false prophet’s message that seems to be so ‘Christianized’ but denying the power of the Cross.

Underneath all these, I see the darker, more sinister forces at work, with these false prophets, false teachers heralding the arrival of ministers disguised in sheeps clothing, to preaching a message that deny all Christ’s divinity and His character. Saying the virgin birth is a myth, restyling the entire new testament to strip off all miracles, they have rendered Christ to mere human. With such travesty, they have no qualms in even having a version of the bible that is nothing more than a bible of atheism. Indeed, the Christian Church is under fire, with enemies laying siege all around, and we shall sit in and wait for the our commander to come to our rescue.

Ken Behr and ECFA on the Financial probe of the churches

28 11 2007

It is interesting to note that, through the interview transcript of Ken Behr from ECFA (Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability) that NONE of these six ministries are part of ECFA.

Ken brought out some of the key pointers from the investigations that includes the available financial gain through the church and ministries should be first for the community in fulfilling the great commission and the Great Commandment to love God and each other. And why Grassley has decided to investigate these ministries is that many of these people got rich through perhaps illegal means via the tax exempted laws and maybe it is not illegal, but when called to the stand under oath, a $35,000 conference table and a $12,000 toilet would be hugely embarrassing to the ministers. In the eyes of the laws, they might be ‘clear’ but how will they account to God and to those who gave their money when they are struggling for a meal a day for their family when these ministers travel in private jet, live in a multi million dollar mansion, driving an expensive car, and dine in fine restaurants? I cannot see how these ministers now can preach about servanthood, or carrying their cross on the pulpit.

One more thing is that it is a tragedy that we need the secular government to ‘judge’ these ministers when the Church has failed on the whole to do it in the first place. Is the Church too dead to greed, monetary fixation to even recognize the yeast of the pharisees in these ministries?

Prosperity Gospel preachers under investigation

9 11 2007

The consequences of iniquities will find us out, this is an eternal principle which governs the righteousness of God and His judgment is fair. For years, i have written against the message of prosperity gospel which the fruits of the preachers will be judged. As God used the wicked Babylonians to judge Judah and Israel, so God will use the system outside of the Church to judge them, if the Church is incapable to do so.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has commissioned a thorough investigation on six prominent prosperity gospel preachers.

  • Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
  • Creflo and Taffi Dollar
  • Benny Hinn
  • Bishop Eddie Long
  • Joyce and David Meyer
  • Randy and Paula White

The above six ministries are under investigation for irregular tax reports and various financial activities that don’t comply to the laws governing religious organisations in America.

In many cases, these preachers live an extravagant lifestyle above humility Christ shown us in his ministry on earth, these preachers are more concerned about building their own kingdom here on earth. Often to the expenses of poor communities in America and around the world. Many ministries involving these six and affiliated are under investigations, including Oral Robert University where Kenneth and Gloria Copeland are in the board of regents, is under investigation and involving a financial scandal on its own.

Just in Singapore for the last few weeks, after the NKF (National Kidney Foundation), a charitable organization which was investigated, the latest being Ren Ci Organization, a charitable buddhist organization is now being investigated for the huge amount of money they solicitation through TV charity shows, and irregularities in their investment and loans to companies.

The root of prosperity gospel is in the greed where these preachers, whether knowingly or not, has blinded them. Despite the potential reach of their ministries to tell the world about Christ, their testimonies are now a blight in light of Christ’s and has shown us, the Church, that we are all guilty for not being a watchman and to judge each other in love.

We need to watch each other’s lifestyle and doctrines that we remain accountable and blameless even before the world that we will not shame the name of Jesus. I can’t say the same with these super preachers of their own message of greed.