A crazy feel of order

18 03 2008

Imagine a world without chaos, without order, life wouldn’t be life as it is. No more striving, no more endless pursuit of meaninglessness in objects that consumes without feel nor mercy. All of the senses are in conflict with what matters more in eternity than the physical, and as if the very energy is being drained on the frivolity of the rat race in the endless maze after a piece of cheese.

One of my favourite books in the bible, was written by a wise man in his closing years, perhaps after a life long of rebellion, and pride, that he left his thoughts on these eternal pages that can only be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

In my futile life I have seen everything; there is a righteous man who perishes in spite of his righteousness, and there is a wicked man who lives long in spite of his evil. Do not be excessively righteous, and do not be overly wise. Why should you destroy yourself? Don’t be excessively wicked, and don’t be foolish. Why should you die before your time? It is good that you grasp the one and do not let the other slip from your hand. For the one who fears God will end up with both of them. Wisdom makes the wise man stronger than ten rulers of a city. There is certainly no righteous man on the earth who does good and never sins.  Ecclesiastes 7:15-20

In this short passage of my morning devotion, is the answer to the many questions I’ve asked God. Why does He allow good people to die when the wicked lives long? Is there justice to when old people being abandoned on the street begging for food when the rich merely walked past? I know now, the anger came from my own righteousness, which this passage speaks about, do not be overly righteous. Am i more righteous than God that i think my anger of this injustice over-rides His? Certainly who am i to assume i am wiser than Him? It is about achieving a balance, and it is good to say, live as He lived. Too many times have we look at the world through our own eyes, and chasing after what that will perish, but have forgotten what’s the eternal that we ought to pursue and chase. Lord help me look at the world and the people around me with your eyes.




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18 03 2008

🙂 Amen! I need that too.

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