The Season of Giving: Christmas

24 12 2006

Over the years, the warmth of christmas is slowly fading. The world’s getting colder, more commercialised with the marketing themes around christmas trees, bright lights and shopping. Of course in Singapore, it is the time where the crowd gathers in the narrow street of Orchard Rd hunting for gifts in the many mega sales that are going on. On one signboard the Christmas is about diamonds, some about giving, white christmas and many other, oh this season, there is a Navitity street organised by the Anglican church with the Nativity Story. You can even get a photo taken with the sheeps and shepherds for merely $5, while the earnings will go to a charity cause, the world goes on with their celebration missing the most important gift for the season – Jesus Christ.

My pastor – Apostle Rod preached a short sermon, about the Gift. We expected the present to come in shapes and form to come in the manner we want it to be; this is evident in the birth of Jesus. Everything – the signs, prophecies, the Word of God, the Wise Men, the Shepherds, the Angels and even the Star all pointing to the birth of Jesus, yet the World went past missing the King. Instead of a King, we saw a baby wrapped in cloth in a manger, lying in the stable. In our hearts, we pull a fast hostage on God to do it our ways, i expect God to do this and that but too often God doesn’t do it our ways. Who is my role model? Jesus or a pop star? Or who is my god? is it Jesus or money? or my career? or Mercy? God forbids, i pray that only Jesus is my truly one Heart desire!

Lord pull away the facade, the shrouds of insignificance in our lives, and show me, the heart of my desire – Jesus and let that consume me, totally. Burn me with the passion to glorify Him!




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30 12 2006

Gd preaching at Paradise, Abel did introduced me to Apostle Rod. Anyway, nobody can can serve two masters Matthew 6:24.

In “Origins of a Pagan Holiday”, which i posted in under “Christianity”, what do evergreen trees, reindeer, mistletoe and yule logs have to do with the birth of Jesus Christ?

Proverbs 16:25  ¶There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

31 12 2006

There are of course, thousand and one thing if we were to dig beneath the surface, christmas is a pagan festival, easter another pagan festival, even worshipping on sunday is a practise passed down from the paganistic festival after the Roman Empire was christianized. We need to see beyond the sheer surface of things, it is true, Jesus wasn’t born on the 25th Dec, but i will use this occasion to tell people about Jesus, and the good news that He came to die for your and my sins! He rose from the dead and is coming back, in summary, Christmas is an EXCUSE for us to tell people about God, of course, we ought to tell people about God every day of our lives.

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