Christian Rambo?

20 01 2009

Was watching the movie “Rambo 2008” on the latest installement on the Rambo series, where John Rambo in his self exile somewhere in Thailand met a group of missionaries who want to go into the warzone of Burma to help people, and struggling with the ghost of his past, he relunctantly took them to the shores but find himself returning to the same spot later when he found out that the missionaries were taken captive by the despotic burmese soldiers.

While watching this show, a quotation came to me by William Blake “The only thing necessary for the triumph of Evil, is for Good men to do nothing”. In view of these, contrast to many popular Christian attitude towards societal injustice, deceptions within the politics, and how many Christians prefer to sit back and do nothing and be concerned about living peacefully with himself and not bother about what is happening in the world. This sort of an appeasement attitude gave rise to manipulative preachers and false teachers within the Church, to deceive and to steal. How many of us will stand up for what is the truth?




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