President Obama’s inauguration prayer

20 01 2009

Prayer for President Obama made by a homosexual minister that prayer is to the god of all understandings in bid not to offend the other religion.

Humanism like the type of Christianity preached by Rick Warren who said “Can we not all just get along?” is the god of the new age, a god of all understandings which in the core of this belief is a belief of demonic origin which seeks to tear down the sovereignty of God’s absolute authority.

This new humanistic god has become one of the many gods Rick Warren worship, together with Gene Robinson. On the 44th President of United States, we saw the complete destruction of the American institutions in authentic Christianity with a humanistic approach.

Perhaps soon, they will have a stature of Mary in the congress, since humanism has taken the path to ecumenistic effort of these mega churches to go back to Rome. Are we seeing America fornicating with the harlot as spoken in the Book of Revelations?




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