Modern Worship vs Doctrines

26 02 2007

One of the major components in today’s Christianity is Worship. Since the charismatic explosion in the early 1900s in the West – America in particular, Christians founded a new era of expression in the systematic duties of a christian, the paradigm shift from primarily TEACHINGS of the early churches to the Reformation, today, Worship held an important aspect of our christian faith.

I’ve often wondered after attending services from an Assemblies of God church, to a Charismatic Church, to a Presbyterian Church and now back to a Chrismatic Church, and have seen and involved in the Church music ministry, i often wonder, how many christians who were singing the songs actually thought through what’s being sung? There are two aspects of this, when we sing, we declare what the song proclaims – Lord i give you my heart, i give you my soul, i live for you alone.. WAIT a min, am i really living it for Him alone?

It was in the music ministry practise that the worship leader asked “what do we want in worship”, some said freedom of worshipping God, forgetting about others and just immersed in worship, etc. I felt indifferent when posed a question like that – i didn’t want to answer, not that i do not know the answer but i cannot coherently put forth intelligently what i am thinking. I had a real tiring weekend and i felt i haven’t accomplished anything except rushing here and there and it is totally meaningless. I will speak fearlessly without fear of people or how people will feel, and i pray i will speak what’s right and what’s wrong according to the standard of God. To do so, i must match it up with my life. Tiredness and stress have caused me to hurt Mercy and i must be strong to handle the finances and not be so careless with it.

I am so sick of life, I am so sick of doing the meaningless thing just to keep up with looking good, and i am so sick of meeting up to people’s expectation. No, i will handle my spiritual walk with God on my own as i have had done so for so many years, i do not need people in my walk with God. I had enough of humanity, and i will be nice to people but i will choose whom i invest my life in. I am so TIRED of it all, God i want to end my life and i am reminded of the vow i made that it will all end at 35, sounds like i am brought back to that vow.

I am not a good person, and i am a bad boyfriend and will make a terrible husband, and i am a horrible christian, i can never ever do the right thing so far. What’s the point of trying so hard…. when what i did, has hurt the very person i love. I do not want to meet people’s expectation anymore.

Coming back to the topic, most worship songs fail the standard of doctrinal scrutiny. One main doctrinal errors in Worship songs, we were never to worship the Holy Spirit, or even Jesus, for Jesus and the Holy Spirit always direct Worship to God alone. We humanized Jesus to a lover, however, it is God who loves us so much that He gave his Son to die for us. The focus of modern worship appeals to the emotions, and violated sound teachings of the Apostles and that alone, is a cause of concern for doctrinal heresy.

So my answer what i want in worship? Not to be a hypocrite when we sing and declare and that we will truly understand what’s a true worshipper.




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