There must be something more

22 02 2007

I cried when i saw this photo – of a kid in Uganda about to die from hunger and the hand of a missionary. God, how can we go on about life, when there are thousands if not millions out there who are suffering like this kid, who deserves a chance, who needs You. I hate what the world has become, and what it is trying to do, to make me more like the world. There must be something more to life than making the next million dollars, or getting the next BMW, or the next bungalow. Lord break the chains that has so chained us to indifference, fire up the fire that burns all the impurities, let us make a difference from where we live, and that I will never rest, never be satisfied till You are made known.




4 responses

22 02 2007

One person at a time. Thinking about helping everyone is too overwhelming. Lord, help us to be a blessing and a river of living water to whomever you place in front of us next.

22 02 2007

it is so easy to be swept away …

25 02 2007

amen and amen. I plan on going to Africa to offer hope and Jesus’ love so orphans like this one can live the rest of their short lives with hope and knowing that when they meet with the Lord, there will be an incredible feast where they will never hunger again!

27 02 2007

Psalms 82:3  Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.

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