Much ado about nothing

27 06 2007

Yeah! “Much Ado about nothing” is a Shakespeare play that it is also the first Shakespearean movie made. It was an absolute classic but then again, this post is not about the movie nor about the literature. Over the last few weeks or perhaps months, as i sat down tonight amidst of all the busyness, I realized it is all about much ado about nothing.

I have found myself beginning to grow cold, not my faith which in God’s grace, it is constantly being challenge and refined through trials and even temptations, but it is the passion to study and read His Word. As i have seen in many, not that i physically see, but senses it that the Church on the whole has grown cold in the area of reading His Word.

Christians today care more about getting the best out of a sermon they heard every Sunday out of the pulpit, but left their leather bound bible on the desk or bookshelf throughout the week, hoping and looking forward to another round of recharge that Sunday. I have nothing against finding solace and encouragement from the sermon on Sunday, but to rely solely on that, is like starving ourselves like crazy throughout the week and expect a feast just on Sunday morning? I too, have been guilty of that sin (as the scriptures plainly put it, if we know it is good and not do it, is counted as sin). I have been neglecting my love duty to read His Word regularly, even neglected in studying it. Prayer alone is not quite enough, because the Word is a direct communication that God has spoken through, and through it, we know how we can come to God, and what it meant by reverence.

I am so tired and so busy over everything – work, projects, and more projects and it seems neverending, and more worries about finances, because i have projected a tough time ahead for the next few months at least with huge bills to pay. Not that i do not believe in what Pastor Sally is so convicted that God pays our bills, sometimes, God choose not to, for there are millions of poor Christians out there, and God did not pay for them, not forgetting i believe God did pay for some, for who am i that i should say God shows favoritism. It is not the aim that God should pay my bills, but it is the aim, that despite hardship, and hunger, it is a choice that i can choose to put God first, or just wallowing in self pity. Have you ever wallowing in Self Pity hoping that if God can do this, or that, that everything will be fine? No, of course. It is all about Jesus really. It is all about Him.

God help me to spend time everyday with you, that I may not forget the intimacy possible amidst the schedule and madness, for i am confident, that Jesus is walking with me!




3 responses

27 06 2007

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Prov1.7

28 06 2007

Hey darling come to think it, God has paid all your bills so far did not He, so that is proof that He has always paid your bills and is still paying your bills and will always pay your bills, just that paying them is like taking one step at a time. Don’t worry money is coming in, GOD IS NOT FOLLOWING OUR TIME BUT HE IS ALWAYS ON TIME : ) GOD IS ALWAYS ON TIME !!!! YEAH !!!! That is the comfort we hang on to. He feeds the birds so His children well, he even knows when you sit and rise, even through the deepest of the seas and the highest of heights, he know where you are, today I learnt something, I MUST ENJOY MY WORK and dont think of it as sales… how about that for a day… haha , i love you, see you soon !

28 06 2007

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Mat6.33

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