29 06 2007

“Produce fruits in keeping with repentance” Matt 3:8

How many times have we forgotten about the warnings from John the Baptist? He said in a few lines down, that the ax is already at the oot of the trees, an every tree that does not produce good fruits will be cut down and thrown into the fire. The context of this, John was talking about the Pharisees, who above everyone ought to know what is require of them, but they did not instead they abuse their position.

We often taught that God’s grace extends even to every christians be it they are sinning or not, I agree, however, there are a few considerations, while God’s grace is the same towards the wicked and the righteous, then God’s wrath is at the same time poured out on the wickedness and wicked. The reason why some are not dead from God’s judgment, is because of His Grace.

There is another group of Christians who think they are “Men of God” abused their authority, like the Pharisees, John the Baptist has strong words for them. Bear fruits that are consistent with Repentance or they will be ‘cut’ off from their position. Over the many years, we saw many “Men of God” fell from sexual immorality within their office and scandals. God’s Words is TRUE today, yesterday and tomorrow. If we choose not to submit ourselves to the changing power of the Holy Spirit within our lives and follow our own wicked agenda, bear this word, THE AX IS READY TO CUT YOU OFF FROM YOUR POSITION. Do not be caught in surprise like the young rich man whose life God took that very night he contemplated the enormity of his wealth.




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2 07 2007

wow! This is very good.

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