Word of Knowledge vs Truth

11 01 2008

I have heard in recent times, an increase in the use of this gift – the Word of Knowledge, being used by so many pastors for their church and people who came forward during service for prayers.

To many, the gift of the Word of Knowledge given during service, is from God, and we have failed to be discerning of its nature. While I do not deny that pastors and people of God do get access to this gift and pass on words of knowledge to someone, and I do not deny that Satan do has a counterfeit of this gift as well. And how often, such words being given, is not biblical, nor consistent with the Word of God, and often detrimental to sound teachings and doctrines of the Scriptures.

The common characteristics of ‘words’ given to Christians these days

– Instructions to do something, sometimes, not consistent with the Scriptures. The hearers do not check back with the Word of God and hence such Word taking precedent over the Scriptures as the Authority of their Faith.

– Many words given led not to a more intimate relationship with God, but a burden especially when comes to Financial giving. That we need to give or bring a special offering in order to get blessed. The position that we ought to adopt is that God desire to bless us whether we give or not, and we give because we love him, not because of financial blessings in return.

– Many words or what most call prophetic uttering given are either not consistent with the Scriptures or emphasis are not given enough to the hearer that such word or prophetic uttering must always lead to the us glorifying Him instead of ourselves.

– Many words or prophetic uttering are not specific, instead it is always an analogy. When the biblical prophets speak to someone for example King David by Prophet Nathan, it is always specific. These days, most will give an analogy and left us wondering what’s the meaning of it all. And most of such interpretation lacks sound biblical principles.




One response

12 01 2008

Hi Daniel,

There is a series of books by Dr. Bill Hammon about prophecy. Prophecy, or word of knowledge (often lumped together in charismatic circles) should always align with the Word of God and the nature of God.

The motive and the morals of the person giving the word should always be examined. I cannot imagine giving someone a “word” that they should give me more money. That is clearly a conflict.

There are people out there who give words of knowledge that are clear, consise and specific.

I am thinking of one instance in my life. I prayed for an aquaintence of mine. I had NO prior knowledge of events in her life. When I prayed for her, I saw a “picture” of her and a friend of hers in my mind. And I am not sure how to describe it but I knew things about her and her friend and knew what God said about the situation. So I told her, “You have a friend who is not going where God is leading you. She is heading in a different direction. God says to let her go.” She is crying by this time. The friend God was talking about had been her friend since childhood. After I prayed for her, she told me the whole situation. Her friend was no longer living a godly life. The woman I prayed for has been on staff at a church for many years now and her friend took a different route. There are genuine “Words of Knowledge”.

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