Is Our World Ready for Christianity?

26 08 2008

Is Our World Ready for Christianity?

In above views posted, i wondered about it for awhile on whether our world is ready for Christianity?

The World today although with the huge technological advantage over in AD40 to AD300, where the early church under the church leaders and Apostle Paul built on, actually is not much of a different. The world, i would define the world view in which the God of the biblical scriptures is generally very much opposed by the world view, and the culture it brings forth. Just as the author above has reiterated, that it is not the world in question, but the different type of soil as outlined in the scriptures.

Nevertheless, the question remains that is the World ready for Christianity? What ‘Christianity’ are we talking about? Is it the Social Christianity Rick Warren preaches? Is Christianity all about saving earth, being politically responsible citizen, and seeing from Rick’s session with the two presidential candidates, he has never once mentioned Jesus or question their faith, or if they are born again. I asked again, is this the Christianity in question? Yes definitely but the world needs more of this gospel where the central message of the Cross in the Gospel that this world is in Sin, and the Cross where Christ died for our Sins, and He has resurrected from the dead, and He is coming back, then this ‘Christianity’ is unpopular, even among so called leaders like Rick Warren, will the world be ready for this?

The only time the world is ready, is when the Lord of the Harvest, began to work, through the Holy Spirit to bring convictions of Sin to this world, and by the Grace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus, that the lost should come to the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus

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One response

2 09 2008

I really like the way you respond to this question, Daniel. May God help us bring authentic Christianity to all points in the world.



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