Here in my life 2009

8 01 2009

I have taken the title of the first song i fell in love with in 2009 “Here in my life” by Hillsongs. The song spoke so much of my spiritual exasperation on the downward spiral to mediocrity. Earlier in the week I have written to the church pastors that i intend to stop teaching as i cannot teach and be a hypocrite. It is not about just teaching, it is about getting my heart right. Anyone can just regurgitate but not everyone can truly impart. Impartation of great truths must be in line and consistent with the experience and the position of my heart towards God and unfortunately my heart is not right with God now. I realized over the last few weeks, i need to deal with hatred, anger and lots of bitterness that i cannot teach on the Love of God and His Grace and Mercy and be a hypocrite.

As i was preparing for worship for cell group, the song “Here in my life” is a message that God put to encourage me, and the lyrics simply spoke and of assurance of His love and grace.

Here in my life – Hillsongs United

Jesus are you my reason? the reason for my being, the reason for my existence?

Jesus are my my freedom? are you on the throne of my life? are you in my life?

My heart cries for a renewal, a renewal of my love, renewal of my faith, that i should cast my situation in the abundance of Your Mercy and Your Grace, and that i might find rest in Your Peace.




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