A long overdue article

4 01 2009

It is the 4th Jan 2009, 4 days into the brand new year of 2009 and 4 days late into a commitment i made in my heart at the end of Dec to write regularly on this blog again. 2008 was a year of busy busy busy, and occasionally when i looked back, it is busy of nothingness. Few big things happened in 2008 that it is a cross of walking on water at the same time, i feel like i am like the fisherman who threw away his career of fishing to follow Jesus when he was called. I threw away my stable job at ESPN, at a high paying job with WPP GROUP M, and came out to run my own business which i ain’t paid a lot, which in itself was a huge step I took (is it really a big step?) that i have a huge debt to pay off and Mercy now going off as a full time ministry, so yea, in a summary, 2008 was a year to test my faith that if God will provide. Unfortunately at this point, i feel not so, which has challenged my faith if i have heard Him correctly in all things that i did thinking God has told me to do.

2009 will be a tough year, that’s what everyone else is saying. I am wondering yet again on the three things in life that will be mostly or less featured in 2009 – my company, my ministry and my marriage to Mercy. I am not sure where my company will go, that if we can survive this year and my marriage which Mercy might be gone for a year, so it will be postponed. And ministry, which i have started teaching, but now i know my ministry in teaching will be generally outside of my church, and involving in discipleship training, and after what happened last year, i am challenged by my own theology, about my own faith and there are things in my life i need to work out and i do not want to teach whereas proving myself as a hypocrite.

I saw the ugliness in my life – the hatred, the ungodliness, the pathetic excuse of a man to think i am a good person, a good christian! A call of holiness must come to challenge whatever dirt and sinfulness and wickedness in my life, that i must be transformed by the renewal of my mind, not to indulge in the fallen state of consciousness that is of slavery to this world. Lord I need a new heart, a new mind and i desperately need Your Grace Father! Christ, My Lord, that you shall be my Lord indeed, not just Jesus, but my King.




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10 01 2009

Go Where the Reward Seems Least Likely

Prophetic Word Given to Jane Williams
December 12, 1996

“I am telling you things so that you will act quickly. I do not want delay. I would have you step out and see what I will do. I would have you press Me in some areas that have been prophesied about. I would have you go to people and seek them out.

Go to the prodigals. God to unbelievers. See what I will do. Many are practically falling off the trees. Go – the time is now! I would not have this fruit drop to the ground and rot. It’s time for you to pick it.

Go back to places you’ve been before. Speak to those you’ve been in relationship with but recently neglected. I will help you find the words. I will help you say just the right thing. Few words will have to be spoken, for now is the time. Today is the day.

Are you afraid too many will come and you will not be ready? Are you afraid you have too few programs in place? Oh, I say when I bring them in by the Spirit, I will join them in the Spirit as well. I will make ready the hearts to receive them and knit them in Myself.

Would I do an untimely work – a premature gathering? Would I tell you to gather before the barn is built? And you say, ‘The barn is standing but it doesn’t look too sturdy. There are a few holes in the walls. The roof is leaking and the door won’t latch securely.’

And I would say, I am not going to bring in only those who will take and need, but I will bring in givers and gifting as well. I will bring in carpenters and roofers and locksmiths to repair and restore – to add on and expand. This harvest will be quite unique because those brought in will add much strength. Oh, they will need discipling, but their hearts will be so full of gratitude that they will eagerly pitch in. Expect great resources to come in with the harvest.

Test Me in this particularly by going to the poor. For I will delight to surprise you by raising up helpers from those who appear to need much help. If you go to the poor when it appears you will get nothing in return, I will come and ensure your prosperity Myself. What better offer is there than that? You go to the poor and just see what I will do. You go when your mind says your efforts will only make more work for yourselves. You go and I will show you My work. I will raise up laborers from the poorest of the poor, from the most downtrodden and desperate. I will raise up what you need from the very places you thought would represent only more sacrifice on your part. There is a harvest waiting to be had, and all the future harvesters you need right in the midst of it.

You go where the reward seems least likely and I will reward you Myself. I will ensure you have all you need and even more than that. There is treasure where you would least expect. Haven’t I always made it so? For I want you to have opportunity to lose yourself. There is the greatest possibility for gain.

I am telling you the things that will give you the greatest rewards. Urging you toward the very acts that will profit you most eternally. I am helping you take the road that will lead to the greatest glory. Can’t you see how I am urging you to go low so that I can take you high? Act unselfishly and I will respond with unrestrained generosity.

There are heavenly rewards mounting up which you have little understanding of. I am trying to direct you to the very things that will bring you the most gain. I am trying to direct you to areas that will benefit you here on earth but in heaven as well. I am trying to purify your motives and encourage you along the most humble path. I am trying to help you accomplish much both here and in heaven above. Listen to My leading for I will direct you to the most beneficial acts. Consider that past events of your life, even current circumstances have been arranged to position you for maximal eternal gain. Have you known humbling or disappointment? Perhaps it was for your eternal good. Have you suffered here on earth in some way? It may have been in order to give you opportunity for heavenly reward. You see, I am gracious enough to order your lives here to give you the maximum opportunity for heavenly gain. I am constantly giving you opportunities to store up riches above. I am forever trying to draw your attention to that place.

Forget earthly scales and measures. You have no idea how inverted heaven’s measurements are compared to earth’s. For when you feel least rewarded here, you are often storing up the greatest reward there. When you feel you have suffered the most on earth, you may have gained the most in heaven.

Why did I give you opportunity to turn down that high-paying job to serve Me? Why did I give you that handicapped child or allow illness or pain? Because I am more concerned about your heavenly reward, your eternal inheritance than I am your comfort and ease on earth. I have long-range vision – it extends way past your life here on earth. It extends to a glorious eternity with Me. Won’t you join Me in looking past this earth, looking beyond your life here? For this is only the very beginning. The first steps of our life together in love.”

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