The perfect church

9 01 2009

Since the beginning of the church age as narrated in the Book of Acts, the pictures conjured are far from what we see today in the mega churches, the humanized church movement and mega wealthy pastors and preachers and prophets.

Isaac mentioned yesterday which has shed some light to why there are so many times i find deluded with the so called organized religious meetings we affectionally call “services” or “evangelistic meetings”, that in the early churches, one of the key characteristics is that the people give whatever they have to share and that there is no lack among the christians then. Not that i have anything to give, but part of me, i want to give to whoever is in need. And yet, pride has prevented me from asking help. In a dire financial situation now, bills are piling, my faith is stretching thin and fragile to that fact, who can i go to for help with my financial debts? So many has spoken about living about in prosperity and it is God’s blessings in financial aspects, i am beginning to wonder, am i not a child of God and that it pleases God that no matter what i did, how much i gave to the church, that my situation just got from bad to worse, and that the debt is mounting to a despairing situation?

Maybe i am not right with God that He is not intervening in my situation? Maybe i am a sinner, that i inherit nothing but wrath and curses? Probably a reminder, that my faith requires me to make a choice – that whatever i believe in, is all a lie, or that requires me to go beyond what my eyes has seen to what faith actually requires in believing in Something or Someone of which my eyes cannot see? I could just give up, and when my heart is despaired beyond what i can take, the first group of people i should turn to for help is the last or is never the group i want to ask – the Church.




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