On the gifts of the Holy Spirit

18 10 2006

Dave Hunt in his book, the Occult invasion, wrote

“If genuine, the gifts of the Spirit are under the direction and control of God and are provided by His grace exclusively for His purposes and to His glory… Whatever the ‘gift of the Spirit’ may be, it is given in specific instances to effect God’s purpose at that time; it does not become a power possessed by an individual which he can wield at his discretion… It is a great delusion for anyone to imagine that he possesses any gift of the Spirit in the sense that he can exercise it whenever he so desires. And that includes the gift of tongues—a gift which multitudes imagine they ‘possess’ and can ‘practice’ when they please and, thereby, have been led astray… Whatever purports to be the manifestation of a ‘gift of the Spirit’ and is not initiated by Him, but is under man’s control, is not of God but from the occult. (pp. 126-127)”

I am convicted, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to empower the church to be more like Christ. It is not a mean for our own agenda, it has to be God’s. As Apostle Roderick said it so well, to God be the glory, not mine! Lord, let us attribute to You to whom all glory belongs to! Amen




One response

19 10 2006

I believe God gives the gifts of the Spirit for the building up of the church. These gifts are given to us, not given suddenly and taken away suddenly. I believe Dave Hunt is mistaken, and is simply trying to think up reasons why people should not speak in tongues. The Bible lists the gift of administration along with tongues in 1 Cor 12:28–does that mean people have no discretion over whether to exercise their gift of administration given by the Spirit? No, of course such an idea is silly, and it is silly to say that people have no discretion over whether to employ their gift of tongues.

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