Robert Liardon

18 10 2006

One of the ‘health and wealth’ , ‘name it and claim it’ preacher and writer Robert Liardon who wrote the widely acclaimed book – God’s Generals, and God’s Generals – why they fail and where they succeed, even included himself in the book, was involved in more than one homosexual relationships, with a member of his church and with the Youth Pastor. He gave himself three months leave to resolve his homosexual relations.




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14 02 2007

None of us are perfect and should not judge each other but pray that God will give us the strenght to be the Sons that he has called us to be. Bro lairdian might have a problem but all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I believe that he will get victory through the blood of Jesus Christ. Luv & peace to all

15 03 2007

Why joking with God if R Liardon has probleme with homo he has to pray God to give him to good wife to sustain his ministry. If we don’t take car God wille chase us out of his presence. Why are we abusing God grace. Remember Sodoma et Gomorhe. Can we be able to support God angry no one, let humiliate and ask for forgiveness about our sins. The time jugement is near. No one can abuse God. Servants of God is time for sanctification our body is temple of Holy Spirit not for homo that is decaying our life , ministry and anointing.. Read Romans I what said apostle Paul about homo it’s time to open wide our mind.
God bless you.

15 03 2007

Hi Pastor Ben

Amen. While we ought to be reminded of our responsibility to live right and a holy life before God, we too need to keep each other in prayer. I believe God is working in Robert Liardon’s life and even through this, like King David, he will get to a new level of relationship with a Holy God. 🙂 Don’t we all, prone to falling occasionally, it is the Grace and Mercy of God that I am completely astonished.

26 04 2007
Godfrey Ojile

My encouragements and prayers to Robert Liardon who has inspired me so much in his books, for years he has been my favourite author, he can equally advise us too to enable us avoid such satanic traps. Like David said when God has restored him, he will teach transgressors the ways of God so us we are waiting to hear from you on God’s mercies

Godfrey, Nigeria

18 05 2007
Bo Nilsson

Hi pastor Ben
Every body who knows about the mercy of Jesus Christ is praying and not judging our dear brother in the lord Roberts Lairdon. Everyone who don´t know about the mercy of Jesus Christ is not expekted to know better than judge. We are all saved by grace and not throuw our own eforts. God haset´t had anyone qualified working for him yet and He newer will. It is only by anderstanding his grace and mercy that anyone can do anything throw Him. I myself will pray to God for brother Robert that the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ will rase him up and make the devil be awre of who is Lord and King.
Bosse, saved by grace. Sweden

25 05 2007


25 05 2007

I agree with brother nico. Nice prayer of word and I am agree with you. We should all walk in love, kind to another and not back biting Christians which I know most of them. They go to church act so nice to you and minute they turn back on you talk even of other men. To me, this is hypocracy and stupidty. No wonder most of sinners runs away from those religous freaks. I used to be sinner and hated Christians because they are bunch liars and cheaters. They say they love god and but don’t. They say things really nice but don’t do walk in it, and they don’t walk out what they say. It became so sick to hear christians jabbering their mouth. They think they are better than others. Therefore, I used to stay far away from Christians until I met someone who showed me what really christianity was by being walking example of himself. Because of him, I decided to know God. Now I know there is true God loving Christians out there and not all Christians are wolves. There’s lots wolves among christians which need to shut up and lock up.

6 06 2007
christine Low

Dear beloved of the Lord , Jesus is coming very very soon . Let’s spend our precious little time left to reach out to the lost , pray for the needy and walk in complete obedience to the word of God .
Robert may have committed some sins , who don’t ??? Jesus told those people who have no sins to cast the first stone at the women. God don’t classify sins , we do .


God bless

25 07 2007

God bless you All! What happened to Noah after the flood? What happen to the the two angels after the left Abraham? Are our eyes blinded to Gods truth?
Roberts book ” Gods Generals” is a clear indication that this man needs a conversion. Too quick to cast the first stone.

However according to Bible principals he needs a name change. Liardon has to be changed, then we will see a dirrenrence. As with Jcob to Isreal.

The Bible teaches us that a deacon must be the HUSBAND of one wife. No place for homosexuals!!

30 07 2007

Don’t the see the man but see the MAN who saw everything

20 08 2007
Godfrey .O. Nwanekah

It is a sad news that Bro. Robert liardon could fall into this thing(homosexual). I pray God should show his Loving mercy upon him, the bible said “He can considerd himself strong should ……… less he falls” I read the God’s General and i was happy but i never accepted what he said about Bro William Brangam that God take him away because he derailed from his calling, first i will ask Bro. Robert liardon, When has the death of a Man become the way to judge him if he sin against God or not?Did Paul, Stephen and our LORD Jesus Christ die a peaceful death? So Bro Robert liardon i will pray for you but pls and pls dont ever judge what you dont know because William Branham was sent as a messeger not a false prophet. Thanks and God Bless you (Shalom)

24 09 2007
Ojo M.Olusegun

Your name is eternally written in gold in the Kingdom of heaven. Shame to the devil , shame to detractors. Your predicament is another arrow to the body of christ. Thanks to our Lord Jesus who is able to complete the good work He has started in your life before the age of 8 and he will certainly save you to the uttermost. I sincerely plead the blood of Jesus for you. The blood cleanses us from all sins.
Rise up and shine in the glory of the Lord. He has called you to be victorious.

28 09 2007

Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of
thine heart may be forgiven thee. Acts8.22

27 11 2007
Bro Misa

Well all must remember that Jesus was hated for no cause and thats what the body of Christ will encounter..its clear when we desire to be of God those of the world will hate us..especially the devil himself..Father i pray that Robert is released from the condemnation and guilt in Jesus name Amen

19 01 2008

How many that criticise actually pray for these saints of God. My exortation to all those that would stone, if you are without sin, continue to cast stones. Lets cry out to te Lord to restore Roberts to greater glory than before and to use him the way He is even going to use Ted Haggard, to witness to them

1 03 2008

what’s up with the porn site on the resources to the right? I was afraid to click on it. Is it a real porn site, or to help people addicted to it? Hopefully the latter…

1 04 2008

Roberts Liardon is an example of Gods grace upon a persons life lets not forget that he has paved the way for alot of preachers in this generation I no Gods grace will keep him strong and he will finish his course

20 04 2008

love covers a multitude of sin is above the blood .we serve a GOD, WHO is LOVE.GET UP BRO IN CHRIST & ALLOW HIS BLOOD TO CLEANSE YOU.let nothing stop you ,sin is not the problem but ‘ignorance’.you are such blessing to the BODY THE CHRIST-a great asset indeed so go ahead standing on [Matt 28:19-20].the harvest is too great we need YOU BRO.LOVE YOU

11 08 2008

so sad indeed! But it’s just the grace of God that can keep us from falling. None of us can by our own strenght keep ourselves. Besides, all the righteousness of man are like filthy rags before God. Lord please restore brother Liardon!

14 09 2008

I had met Roberts in tulsa ok but not well enough to know what his character is he almost seemed to me untouchable like a lot of ministers think they are…..some think they have a better call than you and become untouchable not JESUS the bible says he can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities, and he also stooped down to touch us in washing the disciples feet so ministers get out of your thrones…jet ..mansions ..etc. and repent your no better than the least of all saint…may GOD show Roberts his wickedness and have mercy on him and do take more than 3 months to get a right spirit in you at least one with natural affections toward women. Rene Stricker

16 09 2008
I was so touched and Shaken about Beloved Brother Liardon fall, i didnt believe it when i read it in a book, i had to come to the internet to find out, for days i was sad, indeed very sad, i have followed Roberts wonderful calling when he was taken to hea

The most important thing is for us to pray for brother roberts, also to be sober, anybody can fall this last and terrible days. Satan time is running out and he his releasing a horde of devils to the world today to fight GOD’S Servants. LOOK TO JESUS CHRIST ALONE THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH

22 09 2008

Hmm, i read his book in 1997, it was about the time when he met God. So , how is he now? Can anyone update us ?

27 10 2008
Richel D. Quijano

I am so blessed in one of the writings of Mr. Liardon entitled “Dont let the Devil destroy your purpose. it really help me a lot to know my purpose, to pursue it, to protect it and to perfect it. thank you so much.

28 11 2008
Olajide Omowanle

The travail of Roberts Liardon was a very painful one, especially for me.He’s among a very few Church leader that has inspired my life a great deal.His book God’s general and Spiritual Timing remain two of my favourite christian literature till date.I pray earnestly from my heart that God should restore him fully and make him available again for the benefit of the church.I still love and respect him till date and I also respect his courage for coming out publicly to his church and body of christ for his mistake.The christian life is a very tempting one,but his grace will alway keep us,so will can finish the race successfully.
Please,give me an update on his life and ministry
Olajide Omowanle

10 12 2008
olaleye alex-oni

1nce again we are shown that we are all mortals. I’ve really been encouraged in the past by his books like God’s generals. Come to think of it now that titles a misnomer. God has no generals, just men of like passions who chose to believe HIM at certain points in their lives. I pray for all those who speak for GOD & are responsible for such ministries. I believe Rene has a point when he says a lot of “ministers” seem to be untouchable. May we all learn to truly follow CHRIST & walk in love.

25 12 2008
douglas pearsall

gods generals forever changed my life,it is gods work and he will use our brother again to change lives.i myself am a wayward son and have done little for the kingdom but i know when god is ready he will use me.15 years before i ever heard of gods generals or roberts,i had a real spiritual experience in which it was revealed that i was to be like a spiritual general one day and i never forgot it.roberts,do like smith did and never look back,god bless you.doug

4 01 2009
Bro. Chimeko

Bro Robert even if your sins be as scarlet God is faithful and just to forgive you every unrighteousness only if believe.

18 01 2009
rene stricker

bro chimeko, you say only believe..but brrother james says even the devils believe and tremble , faith without works is what……..dead…in the book of reveltion JESUS says repent and do the first works so i correct you and say only repent and believe. bro rene stricker

18 01 2009
Kola Olarinoye

Those things happened to (him) for our examples and were written down for our admonition, upon whom the end of the world are come. Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall(1Cor 10.11-12). May God help us and bless His church.

7 03 2009

Roberts Liardon is a jewel for the church of Jesus Christ. He loves God and loves peoples with all his heart.

16 03 2009
joan ekema

I read brother Liardons story on how he saw Heaven by age 8years. Gods Generals and another write up. I believe the devil tries to destroy true children of God but thank God for the blood of Jesus that cleans sins even if they are as red as blood. Dear christians pray for him, he is a chosen servant of God. God bless you as you realise yourself and decide to go back to God.

24 03 2009

I have read Robert Liardons books and I am blessed by his teachings. I still have his book on his visit to heaven which I treasure very much. I have heard him speak at my local church and I remember him tell us that he will never get married because women are hindrances to their ministery. I was shocked to hear of his wrong relationships but I believe that our good Lord is a God of mercy and He is forgiving and will restore Robert’s life and his ministry. All of us have fallen short of the glory of God, he is no exception. Let’s as a body of Christ uphold him in our prayers and help him overcome his struggles. God bless.

17 04 2009

Hope everthing will be ok may God help and make liardon survive and realize the light and truth way amen

24 05 2009
Tom R

I was BORN homosexual, and when Jesus found me became BORN AGAIN as a Son of G-d.
The problem with the church is, they are into behavioral modification, actually driving “closeted” church members deeper in the closet! Some even have been married to an unsuspecting innocent lady, resulting in her life being destroyed, not to mention children too ,if any. The Word of G-d says the The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, so many “Holy Ghost Jrs ” running around in the Church, trying to do what only Jesus can do.
Only through the Power of the Holy Spirit I was delivered.
HE not only changed my desires, but I believe that part of my PHYSICAL DNA that veered me to homosexual desires, changed and I was healed of it physically as well. I’m sure a few demons left me as well during the process!
No one excorsized me, or layed hands on me. I finally admitted I was born this way, and I didn’t want to go on another day that way, and asked the Lord to Heal me and take the desire away. AND GLORY TO G-D HE DID JUST THAT!
I really have come to understand that the sins of the flesh, ARE born into us, to many Christians balk at the idea of a person being born gay, but unless you are among them who were, you simply ARE NOT QUALIFIED to speak for us.
Does believing or not believing a person is born gay interfere with YOU being Christian, it’s not a church belief that could erode your eternal destiny ,like the Deity of Jesus and His Resurection. Maybe more gays would get saved, if you were honest enough to say “I really don’t know what it’s like”.
And why pray tell, do most avoid the gay population and praying for those with AIDS and HIV?
Jesus said, “Woe to you Capernaum , for if the miracles were done in Sodom and Gomorrah that were done in you, THEY WOULD HAVE REPENTED LONG AGO…”
This is why I believe a great end time awakening is comming to the gay community.
Consider this, beside Jesus, was anyone among us an immaculate conception?
Then we were all born in sin, and that took shape when we made a decision to follow through with it. Why won’t the Church admit it? I believe it is because there is no voice from someone who was actually delivered AT THE DNA LEVEL!… and I know I am certainly not alone . I truely pray that many in these last days will stand up and testify of that same deliverance I was given!
I was on average going strong for the Lord in church for 3 years at a time, then backslid for a while, with no true deliverance. How I cried, how I hated myself, how I would have given anything to be like you! Now buckle your seat belts…I often during my days of backsliding would run into a married church brother, in a gay bar, and even a gay bath house once! So many of my brothers , although they will not admit it, are on the down low with a secret they cannot talk to anyone about. So go ahead get those stones ready for Brother Haggard and Brother Liardon, you hippocrate you! What about mercy, what about restoration. what about the miracle working POWER OF OUR GREAT G-D AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!
I am convinced that many slam gay people because they themselves have a “tendancy or two ” themselves.

About two years ago, I was visited by Jesus, and I was told that He was comming sooner than anyone thinks, and this was really my LAST CHANCE, I went down like a ton of bricks “under the Power” and got up changed!
Not only that, but my then lover, who I share a house with, became my brother, as the Lord did the same miracle for him , saving and healing and delivering. There is no longer a sexual desire, but we live as brothers in His presence and we plan to do what ever job G-d gives us!
I believe there are many, many souls in the gay community Jesus wants, but would there be churches willing to accept them, are they ready to accept them.
Testify you were a drug dealer or a murder or a satanist, and you have a great testimony, if you say you were gay can you actually admit you were thinking…”hummmm well let’s just keep our eye on him and see….”

Remember the Blood of Jesus on the Heavenly Holy of Holies still cries MERCY
so when it comes to brother Haggart and Brother Liardon, and many more like them, I suggest you do the same!

13 06 2009
peter oladayo alabi

The church body needs more people like you.u’re very right,we are the only organisation who kills its wounded,instead off us to restore them and bring them back to the fold like paul said,we are always quick to castigate them.when peter fell by denying Jesus,we didnt heard off the disciples excommunicating/rejecting him.Jesus even made him their leader yet he was a fallen hero.but jesus prayed for him and he went on to became a truly great leader.we should all go on our knees and raise our voice in one accord to our Father to raise them again as His mighty weapon in this endtime and to help us to remain from falling,but this is a truly great lesson for each one of us that nobody is infallible,”let him that stand beware lest he fall”.sometimes we are inflicted with the most unheard of anomalies by the devil through our wretched flesh but we still have that power in Jesus that is able to deliver us from our wretched body,He did it for me;i once masturbated.though i knew it wasnt right but i couldnt get free from its hold yet i was a brother who was full of activities in the church.then i started a personal retreat and after that our Lord Jesus delivered me of four years spiritual disease.i believe what he did was aright step in the right direction,God help him (amen).Jesus is coming real soon are u ready?

26 06 2009
Tom R

…and He is comming much sooner than anyone thinks!

27 06 2009
Tom R

also one final thought, If you want to quote Romans 1 on homosexuality, excellent it is the WORD OF G-D! but always remember in Romans 2 it says G-d grants forgiveness and repentance through His mercy and KINDNESS.

When Richie and I began to see His blessings in our lives, it was a natural or better yet, supernatural responce, to exit un-natural behavior!
When it came from man we found ourselves resisting!
We found ourselves laying down one thing after another, ignoring the slurs and verbal beatings from “well meaning church folk”. Once we got to the place of total deliverence, we then found a strange love for those very people!
Not long after had oppourtunity to actually pray for those who actually worked to “wedge” between Jesus and us, saying we were not true Christians !.
The more we prayed the more we loved, the more we loved the more we prayed, now we can go to any church without bitterness !

9 09 2009
jonathan eshun

please i want to know if christian porn is part of robert liardon’s site

17 09 2009

I have read Roberts Liadson’s book on his trip to heaven. I do not doubt whatever he has written. He had come to India in 2001 to Bethel Church, Bangalore. His team ministered to us in the ‘school of Prayer’. I have learnt much through the sessions we had at the church. I thank Pastor Linda and her friends who spent so much time teaching us.

After sometime we heard in the church that Pastor Roberts is in a homosexual relationship. It was shocking at first. But then, we are all human and given to temptation. Many men and women of God, whom were very much aware of the calling on their lives, did succumb. But they came out of it much struggle but with greater empowerment! Praise God. I have prayed for Pastor Roberts. God bless and use him greatly in the coming days!

9 10 2009

I have read all the comments and was truly moved by Tom R’s story.Yes, we can not bring down the people who have gone trough temptations and have even fallen into sexual or homosexual sin. It takes heart of Jesus to understand what somebody is going or has been through.I have been trough taff times myself and had many temptations even while serving in the church. The Lord was working with me still and “Whom much forgiven, loves much”!!! Now I know what this scripture means. It means…When you have been through mess, have put yourself in mess, have come out and repented…sinned again..again repented, cried, struggled and came to Jesus again again and He forgave AGAIN AND AGAIN…only then you know His grace, love and forgiveness! Only when you have been broken countless times, you will feel for others and will love them no matter what they have done!!! God bless Roberts and I pray that the Lord fully restores his calling, ministry and anointing upon his life. We will see him moving on a new level with the Lord.You will see….
I am looking forwards to attend the IBIOL where Roberts will be teaching, because his books has been a great encouragement to me during the time of testing and trials.
Peace to all<

14 10 2009
Ex Centralights(20 of Us) in Edmonton,Alberta That Saw Truth

It’s Just Like some of our Former Elders Hiding being GAY Yes Gay Like Keith. H,Scott. M,Craig. H and some Music Leaders we had too!!
The Worse thing of All some of the Pastor’s are Protecting Them and making Us look like we are in the Wrong(What a Joke”wonder Why are #’s are dropping in Church ever Week since 2005!!)

We All need too Come too God’s Grace Daily and ask for Forgiveness!!

16 10 2009

Bro Roberts, latch on Mercy and Grace sufficiently. Repent. Marry. Crucify the flesh deliberately by asking for the help of the Holy Ghost. Pray more. Fast more. Remember that it is not of him that has skills, it is of God. We will continue to pray for God’s generals like Roberts. Except the Lord. its easy to fall away; especially; with the evil that has become so rampant everywhere now. What i do in my case as a minister of God is to avoid every appearance of evil. Also, i crucify my flesh with fastings that i am not used to (i am not a natural faster!). I don’t boast, but rely heavily on God’s grace while avoiding the appearance of evil. Bro Robets do these and it shall be well with you.

30 12 2009

With all d contributn given above,i know 4 sure dat robert wil b deliverd soonest.D grace shal pursue him no matter how worst d situation may be.Bright. TAC,Akure Area, Nigeria

9 01 2010

I’ve noticed an appeal to the phrase “don’t judge” again without reference to the context in which that phrase was used. That phrase is now being used to wipe away any discernment in the church and to excuse all unholiness. Don’t you know where judgment should begin? If saints will judge angels then how much more things in this life. For those who would not dare to do their duty and judge immorality or the words and lives of self-professed prophets let me remind you that one of the most needed and most under-rated spiritual gifts in the church is one of discernment. While people seek God as a drug and search for a blessing the naivety spreads with destructive intent. I assure you the fruit of this is not consistent with any revival of the past where people sought God to save them not to give them a party or feel goosebumps but because with God’s presence came the contrast in which they saw their own souls and through the proclaimation of God’s Word saw both their sin and depravity. Yes God judges and yes his mercy upon the wicked is not without limits. With Him and His mind in us we should do the same.

28 01 2010

I just wanted to tell that Roberts is a great blessing for me, he is anointed, blessed and forgiven.
I truly enjoy his preaching in Kensington Temple and pray that God protect him!

10 03 2010
Ex Centralights Members(25 Of Us)

Yes We Seen LOTS of People Hiding Being Gay In Our Church “Elders” and Some of the Pastors Sweep it Under the RUG!!

We Were Told Maybe It was Us That were Gay But WHY Would God/Jesus Make Us PRAY Yes Pray and Catch Them in a Place They Should Not Be In (Before Marriage) and After Marriage.

We Seen This The Past 16 Year’s!! Wonder why Our #’s are Dropping and People are Saying TRUTH and Some of the Pastor’s Hide the Truth About The Elders and Lots Of Us knows The Truth(Since 1993) From God/Jesus and Mostly The Bible!
When We Pray and GOD/JESUS Tells Us Too Catch Them In A place Where They Should Not Be In!!

We Wish We Can Say The Names But We Are Praying That God/Jesus Will Wake-Up The Pastor’s/Elders That are HIDING Being Gay!! and Say SORRY For Hurting People That Knows the Truth About Them!!

Maybe it’s True it’s O.K too SIN Because We Are Saved By Grace Daily.

10 03 2010
Ex Centralights Members"Edmonton"(25 Of Us)

Yes We Seen LOTS of People Hiding Being Gay In Our Church “Elders” and Some of the Pastors Sweep it Under the RUG!!

We Were Told Maybe It was Us That were Gay But WHY Would God/Jesus Make Us PRAY Yes Pray and Catch Them in a Place They Should Not Be In (Before Marriage) and After Marriage.

We Seen This The Past 16 Year’s!! Wonder why Our #’s are Dropping and People are Saying TRUTH and Some of the Pastor’s Hide the Truth About The Elders and Lots Of Us knows The Truth(Since 1993) From God/Jesus and Mostly The Bible!
When We Pray and GOD/JESUS Tells Us Too Catch Them In A place Where They Should Not Be In!!

We Wish We Can Say The Names But We Are Praying That God/Jesus Will Wake-Up The Pastor’s/Elders That are HIDING Being Gay!! and Say SORRY For Hurting People That Knows the Truth About Them!!

Maybe it’s True it’s O.K too SIN Because We Are Saved By Grace Daily.

Maybe We Need Ted Haggard/Jimmy Swaggart/Jim Bakker in Our Church and LIE and Gets Away With It like Some of Our Elders!

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