In my weaknesses, I am made strong in Him

25 10 2006

It has been a tumultous time over the last few days. I realised in my busy schedule of setting up my own company has taken my time in reading His Word and communing with my Father, and I feel tired, not just physically, but it is like a plant removed from the pool of water, that my entire being is deprived of the very sustenance that provides life. Lord, let me be always mindful of the fact, the more busy I am, either with my work or ministry, more time ought to be spent with You O God. I am nothing without You and I can’t do anything without You. Lord, let me walk in You daily, not just for a season where it is winter, even in summer and spring or autumn, the walk with you gets stronger and deeper, from the icy cold walks in winter to the lazy walks along the beach during summer, i yearn to walk deeper each day. Lord, let me come in the quietness and stillness in my spirit and know you are God




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