Modern Martyrdom

2 08 2007

I received two viral SMS last week; one on the 1 year old boy who needed blood, second, on the Korean missionaries who were kidnapped by the Islamic terrorist – Taliban. In which previously i never was favourably disposed towards spam SMS, but these did caught my attention.

What’s modern day martyrdom? That these Korean Christians will die as martyrs. Should Christians pray for their safety that God will command some angels to do the miraculous operation rescue? God indeed can, but will He? Should God’s sovereignty in this situation be questioned if the Islamic terrorists were to kill all the missionaries? Tough question but i think our focus is in how we approach this issue.

I feel the focus of our prayers ought to be the Taliban terrorists, not the Korean missionaries. That through the lives of these Christians, their eyes will be opened to see Christ. In all Martyrs, their prayers were never about their own safety, or even survival, but their eyes firmly catching their executioners to say Jesus loves you. Even when the world mourns for the death of these Koreans, may we always remember, these Koreans are going to a better place; but their executioners are heading in the wrong direction – Hell.

Make no mistakes about it, Christians will be persecuted; when thousands died in the civil wars of the dark African continent; clashes between the militaristic hindus and Christians in the sub continent India, or the Underground Churches in the Communist China; as much as death looms around every day, i believe Grace abounds even greater! While we the more privileged ones, were ‘invaded’ by the carnal World view, that we too, will be persecuted one day for our faith.

My question is, are my eyes fixed on the pleasures of this world, that i will hang on to so much that we will not go to places where we run the risk of losing everything including our lives, if not for the love for Christ and for the people?

The Koreans will die, be it at the guns of the Talibans or years later of old age in Korea, i pray that through their lives, they will illuminate God’s love and that ‘Saul’ will arise among the people who watched. The seed will fall.



2 responses

2 08 2007

Taking the hostages seems calculated to win world sympathy for the Bush crusade.

2 08 2007

I beg to defer, in fact, the western evangelical community seems harshly quiet on this matter, the only media giving 24/7 attention is in Asia. Even among the Christian community or the Humans Right, there wasn’t even a violent protest, perhaps on a whimper, however, this incident does not give sympathy to Bush’s crusade, but rather that it gave a clearer picture into the mist of the truth within the face of a violent radical Islamic terrorists.

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