Shattered dreams

2 08 2007

Feeling retrospective of the hype that the media and sometimes the Church itself gave to the hostage situation of the Koreans.

Toa Payoh

As I was waiting for Mercy at the Burger King this evening at Toa Payoh, i was observing the people who were caught by the beautiful photos and they are just simply mesmerized by it. My passion in photography made me realised how beautiful that is if the photographer can just see this scenario. Then i thought, how great if someone were to offer one of these $10,000 and for them to fulfill their dreams, is something that will gave them a chance to live to the fullest of their lives.

Little did i know that these are only a prelude to what God has in stored. As i was coming out of the train station, i saw this old lady who is blind and selling tissue papers, my heart melted, and i gave her more than what was required and then i saw a few more, outside the station and some walking slowly to their destination looking tired, old, sad perhaps and lines and greases on their faces that i wonder, if someone were to give me $10,000 i will let these people fulfill their dreams.




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2 08 2007

Seeing old people selling 3-4 packets of tissue paper for $1 usually pricks my conscience and i used to buy from them. After spending time in less developed countries over the years, I stopped buying the $1 tissues.

Firstly, it’s a business transaction rather than pure charity. Secondly, for every genuine case, there are quite a few non-genuine cases. I would offer to buy food for them and almost all will refuse, preferring me to buy their $1 tissue. I begin to wonder whether they use the money for alcohol, gambling(lottery), or other frivolous wants rather than basic necessities.

Last saturday, at a foodcourt, there was a stout old lady in her sixties, carrying a big ntuc bag of tissues, going to every table and touting her $1 tissues. She is very persistent, and she went to every table a few times, especially those who didnt buy from her.

I asked her about how about the $260 social welfare given to elderly without children. She said she has a son. I offered to buy her a plate of chicken rice. She said she’s not well, cant eat rice. I said how about a bowl of porridge. She said she has already eaten at a buddhist lodge & she walked off.

On Monday, during lunchtime, at my workplace in the business district, the handicapped gal on a wheelchair was there selling a box of biscuits for $2. Among the lunch crowd, i saw two working ladies who bought the biscuits from her. One lady shoved a $10 bill into her hand, said loudly, “Keep the change, I’m doing it for charity”.

On other days, after the lunch time crowd has disappeared, I’ve seen a filipino maid helping to wheel the handicapped gal somewhere.

Another example, there’s this old lady at the subway, and she’ll go I have no children to support me, and stuff every morning. And then when she’s having a break from that, she took out a handphone, a coloured display one at it. Hmm, I don’t know. To gain sympathy, I guess. Do they have scripts for what they say, cause I realise its exactly the same lines.

Another netizen said :Btw, I once saw a tissue seller taking taxi to her usually ‘business spot’. I don’t know if she is really that rich to take taxi to ‘work’ or is the taxi driver giving her free rides… nevertheless, it has make me to think twice before deciding to donate/buy tissues from these tissue sellers again…Also i knew of one elderly women who uses the money she begged from strangers to buy beers and cigarettes.

Well, it certainly more profitable than the minimum wage of $5 per hour since tissue cost $0.05 cents per packet.. I’ve read in the newspapers that some tissue sellers interviewed, earned between $100-$200 a day. Maybe that’s more than some of the readers here. What do you think?

Mat10.16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

2 08 2007

well i have considered that too, until one day i am convicted by the Holy Spirit, that to give or not, whether these are crook, fake, doesn’t really matter, to give or not, i answer to God, Jesus too, gave freely knowing that the 5000 he fed will not return when he is being crucified, but he fed and had compassion.

True, there will be many fake, but i believe God will be a judge of all our motive and intention. I will still give cos i saw more than a person engaging in a business deal for one, i usually give more than what was required, and it is usually $1, and i saw how Jesus would want to tell these people He died for them too, and many of them, have dreams unfulfilled.

3 08 2007

Amen Dan! I think likewise too. 🙂

Many yrs back, a sister shared what her ex-pastor from FCBC said. He said whenever he was being approached by these tissue sellers.. whether or not they’re genuine, he would take out some money and buy from them. The reason being.. he doesn’t want his heart to be hardened. Once we start questioning ourselves if it’s a worthy case to give or not, subsequently, we give excuses not to give. we allow our hearts to be hardened.

since then i’ve adopted his kind of mindset and shared it with the friends ard me as well..

Whether they use the money for drugs or for cigarettes.. not that it doesn’t matters, but i’ve done what i can, within my means, to help. But after reading your post, mabbe i’ll add a “Jesus loves you!”. esp the old lady i see often at this super good ba chor mee place at jln besar 🙂

4 08 2007
Malcolm Loh

Hi Dan

We here is a principle that both of us agree to. Rarity, huh?

I used to “split” my tithe between my church and other worthy causes, because I felt that it was not doing enough for missions.

Then the LORD dealt with me through a sermon by my previous pastor in Jul 2005 that the “whole” tithe must be brought into the storehouse.

Just like how Angie puts it when giving to the poor. We are accountable for our tithe; how it is being used is something the church’s leadership is accountable for.

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