Expanding the Kingdom of God?

4 08 2007

This was one of the newsletters i usually trashed it as junk, as usual, my glance across the content caught my attention.

We have been busting out at the seams at our Ministry Center in Maricopa. We purchased almost 4,000 square feet of office space 20 months ago and we have already outgrown it. This is a great sign – expansion of the Kingdom!

We have just signed this week on another lot (the assessment sheet on the property describes the lot as over 10,000 sq feet) and it has a structure on it that will give us close to 1,000 square feet of comfortable office space immediately. We only need $80,000 in order to complete the cash purchase on this lot and office space. We close within 2 weeks.

I believe we can do it!!! Would you help us? Together we can make it happen with no debt.

Is having the biggest church equal to expanding of God’s kingdom?  The above came from Patricia King’s spam of Extreme prophetic where thousands of prophecies were made every week, from Kim Clement to herself Patricia King. I wonder, really wonder and scratching my head, what’s the Kingdom of God, is it the biggest church, or a 10,000 sq feet property? or a 41 million dollar church building?

The Kingdom of God is predominately the Church, it is not heaven either, for the earth is thy footstool, so the body of God’s subject should naturally be the Kingdom where God presides as King and Lord. That’s the church. Not a building, nor can i include numbers as part of it for the biggest church is not a true indication of a true believer. So Patricia King, why don’t you donate the 80,000 dollar to a missionary organisation who can be more sure of expanding the Kingdom of God than your prestige office.




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4 08 2007
Seventh Trumpet

The Lord invites you.

18 08 2007

Dan, I went to the website above. It reads doctrinally sound to me, but I’d like to know how you find the site… 🙂

23 09 2007

I did a temp assignment for Patricia King this summer. She is right. The building they are in is TINY. They are tripping all over each other just trying to work. Their ministry resource center where they produce the CD’s and DVD’s and ship everything out that people order is a double-wide trailer. If you have visions of a grand ministry center dancing in your head, get over it. That is not what Extreme Prophetic has.

The ministry is debt-free. They are not wasting money in interest payments, like so many churches are. They are investing what God gives them into the mission God has given them.

By the way, among the numerous missions projects the ministry supports, Extreme Prophetic foots the bill for 5 of Heidi Baker’s orphanages in Mozambique. The whole bill.

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