Murderer of Dreams

29 09 2008

In the midst of the noise of the F1 race weekend in Singapore, and the huge crowd in town, there is another thing that i have witnessed and its effect will be more deeply felt than the race car or the crowded street is that dreams are killed.

I am deeply convinced that a gross injustice is happening within the churches today, is that thousands if not millions of dreams are being destroyed. The Church needs to repent, especially the ‘aristocrats’ of the church need to know that they serve a higher cause than themselves or their organisation itself, that is God. I am deeply disgusted that the church instead of liberating their people, youth or adults to fulfilltheir destiny in God, they kill it even before it began. I wonder, the picture of the mass tombs should be an appropriate picture of the church today and an halocaust of people’s dreams and destiny are emtombed forever by the pharisaic religious body call the Church today.




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