The solace of writing

9 06 2009

Nothing calms me more than lying down on my bed and typing whatever comes into my mind, as if the sudden rush of thoughts that gushing out seeking release or some sort of process of moving on. I felt the reassuring of life’s uncertainty is no more than a pitstop waiting for the turn of the red lights to green where it shall embarks on another chapter in life.

There are many minor experiences in the last six months while Mercy was away in Hong Kong, that i believe through them, i have grown. Whether it is professionally in the area of work, also emotional, spiritual and even mentally. Through my involvement in the various aspects of my professional life be it with the government agencies, companies and even peers, i felt that there is a distinct gap and how different i am. 10 more days before Mercy gets back and i believe life ahead with her will not be easy, but at the same time if we were to trust God, nothing will be impossible or too daunting. Faith after all is believing in something unseen, or rather believing in an invisible God to bring what He hath said to completion, which is my goal in heavenward. I have looked past the comfort of material wealth, but i shall seek the richness of knowing God.

The battle against temptation and sin, is never too hard when it is a war which God is involved in. How difficult is it when i have God on my side? I feel really good writing again, and knowing the heavy burden of leaving another group of family which i have been with for about a year or two, now i just need to look for another group of family, to know the faces of whom its passion pursued for God. The images of their faces are etched on the memory of the crowd who has gone before me, in their walk of faith, i felt has been a great encouragement.



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