When Christians lack wisdom

11 06 2009

The Sedition Trial involving 2 Christians in Singapore, who stood before the Court of justice, accused of handing out tracts to muslims on charges of attempt to undermine and erode the delicate fabric of racial and religious harmony in Singapore.

A few cases in the short 6 months in Singapore, we saw two high profiled public incidents that involved Christians, or should I say, Christians who lacked the wisdom in dealing with the world. The words of Jesus to exhort the disciples to be show wisdom in handling matters of the secular world and yet maintain the purity and innocence of our faith, is often ignored or marginalized for the sake of religious fervents.

I am at the same time wondering if there is a better way to be fired up about our Faith, perhaps by the lifestyle we all portrayed, that Jesus is better represented than going around giving tracks that could bring mockery to our Lord Jesus? Jesus never ever make offensive remarks about someone in how he deals with sin, or unbeliefs, but instead He showed them the truth in a manner of love and grace.




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