The two faces of America

8 06 2009

Naive Americans have made their gentle but surely descent down the wide and beautiful slope thinking that the stones shall mark the historical event where the first non-white president is elected. The hope that such will fire up the decadence of Americanism to another era of historic dominance in the world’s playstage.

How right can they be, the first 100 days of Obama’s presidency show that there is nothing is new in in this world, despite fiery promises of a better life for the Americans, better employment opportunities in the aftermath of the subprime crisis, america is inherently unchanged. He still struggles to find the door out of the economic trouble, the debacle at guantanamo bay issue, and foreign policies that still centred over the uncertainty of Iraq, afghanistan, and recent north Korea.

Now what has all these gotta do with the christian faith? Simple. America heralded the era where christian faith was exemplified with the founding principles of the nation and has till the end of world war 2, stood as the pillar of great courage to justice especially against the tyranny of Hitler in Europe. The change is subtle. Today Obama represent the change and the process to convert America to Islam. Where the fundamental freedom to proclaim one’s faith is prohibited in public schools, and Muslim are being exhalted in the halls of the government through Obama the prophet of Islamic faith of which American have failed to see.

Obama’s policy to divide Israel and Jerusalem is but the first step to a global war, and economic trouble at home will bring him to a position of bringing false peace to the region and ending in a betrayal to his allies and Israel. To which I know the end is very near.




One response

18 06 2009

American is two face they say that they are christian but their action is difference. President Obama said that he is a christian ,but white people and my crazy black say that he is muslim. Now all know that Obama father did not raise him. But his mother and grandfather,grandmother.So that mean they was the ones who was muslim. Go pray and ask God to come into your heart ( stay there until God fill you all with the Holy Ghost.) The holy ghost is the spirit of Truth not Lies.

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