New hive of activities!

7 04 2008

We are scheduled for a move in on the 1st week of May, pending some minor renovation, slight decoration of the place from a rustic colonial house to a comfortable and exciting place! Below are some of the photos for the new place!

The area for our mugging! Well The windows will be covered with IKEA’s dark coloured blind, which i feel maybe black? The light outside will be fixed to allow orange light to come into the area in the evening to make it warm and i think it is going to be quite a place to work!

The overview of the hall and part of it will be partitioned out for the chill out zone! Check out the next photo!

This is the Chill Out Zone! Pardon my bro, Mr ‘possy’ in the photo, he is helping to do some measuring of the place for our deco materials. The wall behind that TV will be painted in dark Grey and the shelves removed of course, and we got 2 two-seater Sofa in ORANGE! haha. Yea, from IKEA and in the middle with a squarish coffee table and a very old-school rug and not forgetting two IKEA standing lamp with orangy light. And we will have a TV there too! This is our Chill Out Zone with PS2, Cable TV where we can catch some Football action too!

This is the small garden from the gate of the house. WE will have some wooden bench, some outdoor light installed and a perfect place to chill out if it is not raining cos the foot path will be flooded if it is pouring. Anyway Mercy will be planting some flowers to beautify the place too!

The small gate and our newly acquired Belingo, the red vehicle, and even a private drive way to the place. And we might need to clear the tree on the right because the roots are kinda cracking up the pathway. And maybe getting an outdoor swing will be nice.

Ok, a sneak preview of our new place! Will update more photos when the renovation and decorations are done up!




One response

13 04 2008

Congratulations, Dan! I’m impressed that you guys have a yard, even a small one. From the looks of it so far, I really like your new place.

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