To those who judge.

20 11 2006

Let those without sin, throw the first stone.

I have learned painfully, what lies behind the critical spirit of judgment. Too often have we all hold defense the Judge with the Standard of the Word of God and not hypocritically whenever someone come up to our face and say Do not Judge. Does our argument really hold up with God? How the Apologists would say Amen but often let’s examine beneath the pseudo-righteousness; Not of God, but of our own.

Read some blogs which condemn TB Joshua, when i read that, the familarity is neither shocking, nor the audacity of it. First, I am all for discerning, differentiating about right and wrong, and all that Apostle Paul exhorted us to be discerning. There was this blog which the author condemned TB Joshua from the websites he read online, and from the posters he saw on the train, but surprisingly, this man has never met TB Joshua, and has not attended any of his service, nor heard this man preach. Do not be mistaken, i am not here to defend TB Joshua, but i find these picking the sawdust syndrome and ignoring the plank in the eye practise very hypocritical. If one need to be discerning and judging the doctrines of the person, go and listen and find out what that person really preaches instead of looking to a third party or a fourth party gossips and slanderings.

After reading the websites that spoke against TB Joshua, first, the people probably has never met this man, nor heard him speak, and probably picking here and there from reports that are probably not true. The intent of the author is biased in the first place, and not of an objective analysis of the doctrines of the man, and how can one be discerning from merely one sermon but not know the man? These sawdust picking experts in my opinion are nothing more than self-righteous theologians, not man of God.

Frankly, before May, i was very much a strong proponent of this sawdust picker expert group, but i was humbled by God. For one reason, what’s the two commandments of God that everything hangs on? First, to love your God with all your heart, strength and might; Second, is to love each other as ourselves. By me criticising these people, i have violated these very two commandments. How do i reconcilled Apostle Paul’s command to be discerning then? Easy, that i choose to expound on the Word and let God speaks; if it is in error, the hearer will hear. I am merely a vessel.

In addition, like Paul said, if these preached Christ, be it out of their own motive, praise be to God, for the name of Jesus is preached! I choose to see that God used these people be it they are genuinely misled, or deliberate, or they are used of God, that ultimately God’s name is glorified! Why not? People are saved, people are healed, and as long as their lives are changed to reflect Jesus and bringing glory to God. See, the problem is, why are we pointing fingers at these preachers when seemingly, leading a life that is used be it by God or others, to heal, and why aren’t we walking in that authority to heal and preaching to thousands? I am sure the author of the blog who slandered against TB Joshua hasn’t led hundreds if not 10 to Christ? For sure, i did not. Why be a sawdust expert and not be a expert fisherman? God must not be mocked, Sure! I am sure God can defend His own name, and God will judge, and he has not make Daniel the judge here on earth nor anyone else? For we are told to judge, but not forgetting, we are too in the ministry of reconciliation. So what standard are these people using when they judge TB JOshua or Benny Hinn? Their own. of course. If it is God’s Word, they would have remembered the two commands.

Finally, after a session with Apostle Roderick, i realised, i can choose not to agree with Benny Hinn, but i am not in the position to slander him. I am commanded to love him. it is true, there are tons of things i do not agree with what benny hinn and his ministry are doing, but i am not going to say anything against the person, but i will bring to light the Word of God to the people and let the Holy Spirit reveal and teach. The command to judge, is not a ticket to divide the church or to hate each other.




4 responses

23 11 2006

Well, this would not be me. I thank the Lord for sending His only Son to die on the cross for my sins..

25 11 2006

Daniel, I agree. I was so impressed by your article that I added a link to it on my website about Benny Hinn and TB Joshua. Watch
In Christ, Harry

27 11 2006

You can write this yet, you judge your Catholic bretheren.

28 11 2006


Do not mistake judging your Catholic beliefs are wrong to judging your catholic brethren.

I said i never support Catholic cos they do worship Mary and i have never slander nor insult any CATHOLICS. Likewise there are some of your catholic brethren who post SLANDERS and INSULTING ME article on their blogs.

Do not put this on my comment knowing i can hold you to your words and of course, to prove to what level should i debate this with you. No, i will not stoop so low to your level to judging YOUR BROTHERS, not mine, and i am only against the Catholic beliefs or rather the Roman Catholic and the Vatican and of course, i do not support the Pope.

Please note, all catholics comments and future comments are moderated. Don’t get me started on finding what the catholics believe and putting up here, and i will do that to tear down every single heretical catholic demonic beliefs if i want to.

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