First Love

24 11 2006

This song has always impacted my life in so many ways – First Love by Petra.  You can go to my multiply site to download the song –

Sometimes I feel I'm pulled in so many wrong directions 
Sometimes I feel the world seducing my affections 
It's not that I don't know the way 
It's just a heart that's prone to stray 
But with my weaknesses admitted 
You will keep all that I've committed 
So I commit my heart to You 
My First Love 

First Love - First Love 
My soul longs after You 
First Love - First Love 
I want my heart to stay so true 
Because You first loved me 
Jesus You will always be 
You will always be 
My First Love 

It's taken me some time to try to comprehend 
A love that doesn't change - a love without an end 
A love that keeps forgiving 
A love of sacrifice and giving 
I delight myself in You 
My First Love 

If I ever lack endurance 
I remember Your assurance 
That Your only banner over me is love 
If my heart begins to waiver 
Woo me back, my loving Savior 
Woo me back till I return to my First Love



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