Purposing in my heart…

27 11 2006

Today, i have started a new journal and to read through the Bible. I have read through the scriptures but i want to do it again, and i want to push through to another level of intimacy. No longer just knowing, but i want to, press in to the holy of holies. To turn away from the mundane lifestyle of just being a christian on the skin, but i want to seek Him with all of my being. When i looked back a year ago, i am nothing but a boastful, egoistic, know-it-all, and now, i want to put all those down at the cross and walk past that cross of self denial, and i want to walk with Jesus everyday, and may i be like Smith Wigglesworth, that i will always be mindful of Jesus, in constant communion with God My Father, and in sweet intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Read Hosea 11 and 12 today! O God, you are merciful! You desire mercy, not sacifice; Acknowledgement of God rather than burnt offerings! Father turn away from your just anger and wrath, i plead for your mercy and compassion on me, Your wicked servant. Even when at times my heart is hardened and ladened with hardness of wickedness and storing up iniquities Lord, wash me in the river, the running water of river Jordan like your servant Elisha has commanded Naaman. Wash me in Your Word, that my mind be transformed and renewed everyday. Let my heart be so totally sold out, and left no room for my flesh, my selfish desires and any capacity for sin to die and be crucified!



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