Confessions of a Fool

10 08 2006

A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control (Proverbs 29:11, NIV).

I shouted at Mercy in public two days ago and i am a big fool for doing that, while i do it out of love, i absolutely behave like a fool, and not correctly showing love in that, and i have hurt her in my actions. I am glad we had a chance to cool down and reconciled to each other and it actually kinda of drew us together! I think God used that incident to show me how i react to those around me, especially the one i love. We talked about it and i sent a SMS to Dennis telling him i am sorry for all the times i have shouted at him and to tell him i love him, and we ought to hang out for dinner! If we were to just stop at where we are, the level of our faith, the fact of that standstill in our life, shows how much we have drifted away. Every minute of our lives, we ought to be challenged to move to another level of intimacy, and every step means another level of discomfort and pain, and i am glad God is working through that my pains and my loss and my discomfort through Mercy. I thank God for Mercy, she is a GREAT woman of God and I love her lots! Mercy, sorry for ever shouted and i will never do that ever again.

Cost of neglect

3 08 2006

I was reading this article on ChristianityToday and i knew God is speaking to me about something important. The importance of not neglecting each other despite the hectic schedule, the cares and woes this world has to offer, and lastly, the importance of putting God first. I cry to God with a 911 prayer everyday, i want to cry out to him a “no matter the cost” prayer every morning, and Lord, i want and i am desperate to FILL you in my mind, my heart and my lifestyle that Lord, that i am totally immersed in You! Mercy’s right about desperacy sometimes is required while we wait for God to move for our desperate cry reflects how much we want God.