A letter from Shultz.

6 11 2008

From the desk of Steve Shultz:

I’ve never seen less clarity than during this season over who would be the next President. This, I believe, was a tactic of God. And I’ve always said God can change a man or a nation in a moment. I’ve also said God is NOT a Republican nor a Democrat. HE is in charge of the universe.

Jesus had ample opportunity to criticize the government of HIS day. Yet HE chose to correct the People of God instead. Both parties have things they have done right and have also done wrong.

Earlier this morning, our editor Julie Smith and I were praying and talking about the election outcome. She shared with me that last night after Barack Obama was announced the winner, God simply told her to “Pray for him like he is a son.” I believe this is the heart of God over our new President-elect – because he is a son and we are to pray for him as one.

Please keep the current and the next President in your prayers. This is a both-and situation. I TRULY believe that for most prophetic voices, God HID who would be the next President. And add to the fact that we are the most righteous nation on the earth, giving generously and praying fervently in this last season. We are a people that need to stand and not allow the rift of this nation to get any wider than what it already is.

I could go on, but this is simple and irrefutable. We often ask why a given prayer is not answered. Well, it is. God always answers the prayer of agreement. God knows our prayers even before we pray them. It says so in the Word. Nothing is without the will and purpose of God. Nothing!

I leave you with this Scripture – this applies to every creature on earth and every man, woman and child:

Psalm 139:16, “Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.”

When i read this email, i am shocked, actually not shocked by their arrogance. Generally there are others who said Barack Obama’s victory is a defeat for the Christian and Evangelical Community, and the world around, not that he is the first Afro American to win the presidency of the United States, but because he stands for every thing contradicting the Christian faith, and first his secrecy of his faith is a subject of question, second, he is pro abortion, is that what Steve Shultz says, God’s heart is with this man who supports abortion, an act of murder of millions of babies????

How about when Steve’s arrogance to say America is the MOST righteous nation on earth? I am shocked that the extent of his false doctrines cometh with pride, pride that is an evidence of his wickedness. America is far from being the most righteous nation on earth, with millions of babies murdered each year, with the immoral weak leadership of the nation that sells on greed that led to the collapse of the economy of a nation, with corruption, sexual immorality that only an apt description of the Ancient Babylon befitting of the nation of America. Unless Steve Shultz and his group of wicked ‘false prophets’ and ‘false teachers’ of Elijah List repent, they too will perish together with their flock of apostates.

I grieve to learn Obama is the new president of the United States. In hearing his speech at Chicago, he will go on to create a common economic market that will set the stage of the end times, a muslim in ‘christian’ clothing will shift United States’ stand in the world affairs, especially in the area of Israel’s conflicts in the Middle East. Now thousands if not Millions of babies will be legally murdered and supported by Obama administration, and directly Steve Shultz.