Clashes of feelings

5 12 2007

I have a taste of what to expect for the next few weeks, a clash of mixed feelings, of perpetual fear to a cry of hope. I am human, a sorrowful puddle of contradictions that still bound to this fallen flesh, while within a renewed spirit striving on the hope in Christ for what’s to come. I will not lie, nor run away from the fact, there is a certain degree of fear, and i suppose that’s normal for what’s human without fear, for someone to venture into something as huge as this without fear is sheer audacity insanely. My trust must and should remain in God, to take every step in the venture with God. Let my heart Father be humbled by your Grace and Mercy, I can’t do it without You, and I want You on board. Exciting times ahead, but let me not stray away from You, and let my heart seeks after you wholeheartedly!