Sudden Craves

28 09 2009

While I am waiting here for Mercy to get off work, i read on the facebook about a friend’s craving for steamboat, and yes there i am, have a sudden craving for steamboat too, and just a few minutes ago, i was reading an article about how a woman in poverty was told to love God at where she is. Have I lacked the spiritual craving for God and all things spiritual? I have delayed fasting, and I was supposed to be fasting today but i failed, and i thank God i am not strucked dead. Geez am i influenced by the New Creation Church’s message of Grace? No, i am influenced by what the Holy Spirit has taught me for the last few months about God’s Grace that triumphs over Judgement.

Lord, let me dwelled in your presence forever, even in my tough time, and good time, and that in every minute, even through my sleep, rest, work, gaming time, and feasting time, that I will continue to crave for the spiritual nourishment daily, that i will not go about a day without praising You O Father, that i will appear an ungrateful son. Let me know all good things will work for the good for those who loves you, even though things might not go well because of my stupidity and stubbornness, the when i lacked the strength to face up to the consequences, that You will be with me, and I can believe in You to lead me to where You want me to be. In that I shall rest beside rivers of peace, and be comforted as a lamb to its shepherd.

Let me crave more and more of you each day, for thy potion You will cause my heart to hunger and that I will continue to be transformed. I thank You God, that you allow my heart to be still and see you are doing most of the work, even though it hurts occasionally where no answers to my questions why this or that must happen, that You O Father continues to be beside me, because you are true to your promise, you will not leave me nor forsake me till the end of Age.