Journey of a Christian walk

25 09 2009

At every juncture of this well-worn path of Christian journey, i saw the dust imprinted footprint leading up, to a distant hill, i wonder how long more will it take to get to the top. Occasionally the half way stop seems not a bad place to stay put and slowly the urge of just vegetating at the spot seems too tempting. It is until God decides to nudge me along with trials and tribulation, that i began to understand that there is a destiny that He wants me to reach. To be like Christ, has began to sound like a mantra that none of us can identify, perhaps it is not meant for us to know what it is like to be like Christ, but just be patient as the Master Potter does his job. There is a quiet assurance that all is required of me, is a teachable and humble spirit, and open to the Master’s fine touches as the Holy Spirit performs the surgery within. Once the inside is fixed, the external will be affected.




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