The morning journey

22 07 2009


The sound of heavenly orchestral on a steady and constant beat accompanied my excruciatingly painful and torturous journey to work. It is not just about the inner struggle to find equilibrium to life and its purpose, but the nagging pain which oftens run into nauseous migraine. Nevertheless the ride is interrupted by the earlier conversation on expectation and it troubles my heart so. My incompetence in life is often marked by the big obnoxious F word in bright red, and it presence lingers at the edge of my constant attention. In every areas with how the world judge by its frivilous standards, i have been found wanting. No one is perfect is perhaps the most universally accepted conclusion and reality that almost seems to be the ironically, the most perfect excuse for mankind.My thought was interrupted by a sudden bout of strange burts of sneezes that i found quite amusing, after all, no one is perfect, and the perfect start to the day – a cool rainy morning.




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