Standards of a godly man.

9 07 2009

I was reading Psalms 15 today and the caption reads “Description of the Godly”

Psalms 15

Lord, who can dwell in your Tent?
Who can live on  Your holy mountain?
The one who lives honestly
practices righteousness
and acknowledges the truth in his heart
who does not slander with his tongue
who does not harm his friend
or discredit his neighbour
who despises the one rejected by the Lord
but honours those who fear the Lord
who keeps his word
whatever the cost,
who does not lend his money at interest
or take a bribe against the innocent
the one who does these things will never be moved.

These are the description of the Godly in God’s standards, not ours. I was reading this, and thinking to myself, wow, i would love to know such person, and i can’t help but wonder if i fit into this description? Truth is, i am far from what is above. My tongue has not failed to slander, or the practice of righteousness, what have I done? At least i know i do not harm my friend, but do i discredit my neighbour? Have I been fair and just towards my dealings with Shaun? or other people? Have I despised the one rejected by the Lord, and how do i know he or she is rejected by the Lord? And have i failed to honour those who fears the Lord? At least i know when i lend, i do not expected them to return, and more i think i am the borrower. I will never take a bribe against the innocent, and do i keep my word? Not all the time. In conclusion, i am a half baked godly man. haha. but i am glad, all the more, i know God has not looked at me any different, because now, when God looks at me, He see Christ in me. Do not judge me cos i am still changing, i am still learning and i am still being worked on by the master Potter.



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