God’s priority in His people

18 03 2009

I was reading this chapter Ezekiel 24:15-27, of which it was a strong message God sent to Israel through His prophet Ezekiel. What strikes me was the harshness of God’s message about three things.

Death of Ezekiel’s wife
In verse 18, it says that after Ezekiel pronounced what God told him to the people, his wife died later that day, and i thought it was harsh the way God has to make a point. But i realized Ezekiel was given notice of his wife’s death beforehand, and God has to make a point of taking his wife away to illustrate one very important point. Ezekiel’s wife is representation of the city God loves. The same degree of affection that Ezekiel lavished on his wife, is no less equal to the intensity God loves his people. And the death of the prophet’s wife is a prophecy that the city will be conquered and died in the hands of the Chaldean.

The descrecration of His sanctuary.
God foretold the destruction of His Sanctuary, the exegetical background points to the growing sins of the Israelite prompted God to allow the city to fall to foreign powers. On the hind side, God does not dwell in the buildings we build and thought by its splendor that God should be satisfied with its constructions. In my city, there are a few churches who has built multi million dollar buildings in the namesake of honouring God, but what happened within the church walls are strifes of church rivalry, and their hearts were deceived that they should build their own kingdom rather than God’s Kingdoms of which it is not in the stones, or extremely modern sanctuary. God looks into the hearts of His people rather than in the artificials of the outside decorations.

No display of excessive grief.
This is an interesting trait here, that even Ezekiel was told not to mourn or grief lavishly at the death of his wife. From the scriptures, such outpouring of excessive emotions tend to gravitate towards sympathetic condolences of each other rather than point to a grief that leads to repentance. In many times, how the less fillial in the family tend to wail loudly than those who love the deceased, that they should attract the approval of those around. The bible terms this hypocrisy. If we were so in grief with our sins, let us grief and let that leads us to a repenting stance before God rather than lamenting as a public show of grief that brings to nothing except noise.

Despite the impending judgment of God on the city, there remains a glimpse of hope that God will send a fugitive (which was Ezekiel) to bring first confirmation that God will bring to pass of which He has spoken through his prophet, and second, that God will speak again to His people, a sign of reconcilliation and hope.




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