A childhood dream

9 11 2008

I have a childhood dream, that I’ve always wanted to play a violin. I am now selling off my guitar – ibanez gio electric guitar with a hardcase and zoom g2.1u to finance my pursuit of learning to play a violin! So if anyone wants to buy my electric guitar, drop me an email at Daniel.ho@gmail.com!

Mercy and I were at meridien yesterday and saw a tag outside of a music store that there is a sale going on. We went in and saw the violins, that goes for 310 and had a chat with the owner, and his encouragement of learning violin fired me up and I’ve always wanted to play the violin and to worship him. I would love to play hosanna on a violin and be lost in my worship of my God! Now since I am broke, I am giving up my guitar in order to learn to play the violin which is my childhood dream and passion. WOW I am excited! 🙂

I wrote this on my iPhone note on 27 march.

“I could dance to the sound of the violin. The leaping of legs to the masterful playing of the violinist reminds me of the coming of spring where everyone celebrates life.

The sound of violin is the one of those instruments that could brought tears to me other than the guitar of course.




One response

12 11 2008

Ooh interesting! Haha can’t wait to hear you play the violin some day and try to move US to tears :p

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