George Bush becoming a catholic

19 07 2008

A friend of President Bush, Fr. George William Rutler, who converted to Catholicism in 1979, stated that Bush respects how Catholicism was founded by Christ who appointed Peter as the first Pope. “I think what fascinates him about Catholicism is its historical plausibility,” said the priest. “He does appreciate the systematic theology of the church, its intellectual cogency and stability.” Fr. Rutler also mentioned that the president “is not unaware of how evangelicalism — by comparison with Catholicism — may seem more limited both theologically and historically.” – Catholic News Agency

It is no surprise that the great betrayal of so called a Christian leader, to turn his back on the biblical principles that form the foundation of the nation America, to the Apostate Catholic Church. I am not surprised that George Bush Jr actually lean towards the Catholic, as he had followed the barbaric manners of the Papacy to invade Middle East for his own gain just as the Popes did before him in the Crusades.




One response

24 08 2008

Only the Catholic church believes that Peter was in Rome. There is no hisorical proof of this. However, to the contrary, there are many resource which will lead you to the conclusion that about 400 years after Christ’s death, burial and resurection, Rome developed this policy to try to become the head of Christians.
There was a lot of doctrinal arguing during Constantine the Great’s era and he tried to help them find mutual understanding and they couldn’t because it became a struggle for power. After Constantine, the Roman end gain more power. And used that power, fear and ignorance to gain world contol. The religion is rooted in the formations of the old Roman Government. So, their traditions are pre-“Catholic”.

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