What will Obama as the first Black American president mean?

15 07 2008

I had a short discussion with Pastor Sally at her place on Sunday evening, that the presidential candidate Obama will be the new president of the United States and he will be the first Muslim president in America. I was browsing through Guardian, and an article from New Yorker’s cover caught my attention

Shows here, Mr and Mrs Obama are terrorists in disguise in the Oval office. I did some googling on Obama, if he is a muslim.

Obama went to a catholic school in Indonesia where he was registered as a muslim student. His father was a muslim, and the fact Obama was a muslim by the sheer fact by a muslim call to prayer – article of Obama was quite religious.

Why did Obama lie about his past affiliation with Islam? Can a presidential candidate who suppose to be bringing hope to a nation riddened with hypocrites like George Bush and the failure of the western leadership that’s bringing the nation into adject poverty, be trusted?

The effects of a pro-western and even a muslim president can first, change the anti-american feeling of the general world, and definitely will point to an improvement in the arab-muslim community. But the question, where will the era of Obama lead us, and more specifically the Christian world, to have a pro-muslim president in the leadership of the most powerful nation on earth?




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22 07 2008

It looks like Obama being a Muslim is an urban legend:


An interesting aspect of this American election is that McCain is not religious at all, while Obama is a commited Christian and a church member (until he had to resign his church membership because of the media coverage) – even though the Christian Right likes McCain better than Obama.

24 07 2008
John Hopkins

You are obviously delusional. First of all, he has never tried to hide his backround, and second of all he has stated on many occassions that he turned to Christianity later in his youth. Furthermore, if he were a Muslim, that would be no problem because Islam teaches almost all of the same moral veiws that Christianity does. None of this changes the fact that their both about as accurate as saying that we are all watched over by giant lizards.

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