Lab grown meat is the buzz

24 04 2008

It’s part contest, part science and definitely a good PR stunt; the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is offering a $1-million prize to the first person who can develop a way to produce meat in a lab without killing any animals. Digital Journal

Producing meat in a lab without killing any animals, now that sounds weird in a sacrilegious manner. The irony of human achievements to be like God to create food from the natural order from animals and plants, that we think we held the power to ‘create’ food in a controlled environment. The sheer audacity reminds me of the generation that thought they could reach heaven by their architecture. If human race can create meat in a lab, what is next? Babies? And what’s the significance of that? It keeps me wondering will the human race destroy themselves through their arrogance to think they can be like God?




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