Pursuit of Godliness

4 04 2008

Many years ago, I read a book of the above header “The Pursuit of Godliness” from the Navigator’s press. It was a book i did not really get excited about especially when the true value of the topic escaped my attention.

I have recently written a short but half completed (My apologies) on Holiness is in our mindset. Very true, i have often wonder and i still do, why Christians are struggling in our Christian life and walk? Why am i struggling with Sins when we by our faith in Christ, is justified, and Christ’s righteousness is imputed on me? It is now, i believe to be the most single important topic that’s strangely not preached as much as i would love to in the churches today.

I stopped and started reading this article on Christianity Today titled “Open-Handed Gospel”  and it cause me to ponder, how big our God really is, and yet, when we try to measure God’s generosity in the gift of Salvation, do we run the risk of compromising on the boundary and definition of Christian salvation? By saying this, i mean, is “We are justified by Faith alone” enough for Salvation?

Why Christians are struggling with Sin is that they have not grasped the fundamental principles of the role of Sin in our lives and that the act of salvation and born again is a miracle which should transform us and our mindset. Yet i must confess, there are times it seems i am not changed! The scriptures taught plainly that there are two natures in which we must decide – to live according to the flesh or according to the Spirit. That’s the key in our daily victories against Sin or rather i must be more specific on the BONDAGES that come from Sin. Let me reiterate, we are not immune to Sinning, until we are called back to heaven through the quickening of a new body…. but till then, we do sin occasionally, but the difference being, we are no longer under the Laws of Sin, because of what Christ has done. The only responsibility is that we must confess our sins and through the act of sanctification, which started at the point of our salvation, God works within us through the Power of the Holy Spirit to change us from within. That’s the message of hope for the lost! That we are transformed from within by the Power of the Holy Spirit, (NOT ourselves, pardon this for i do not support New Age notion of finding goodness in ourselves).




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