Prosperty and Health in our Gospel message

4 04 2008

This caught my attention on one of the article

“Christians sometimes are, rightfully, less focused on this world and sometimes we do that to a fault,” said Diggs. “I am diametrically opposed to the health-and-wealth prosperity teachings, but that isn’t to say that God doesn’t bless people financially.”

This reminded me of what God brought to my attention not long ago, that i do not need to be overly righteous, nor overly wicked, and maintaining a balance, the above sentence echoes the sentiment of my stance towards Health and Wealth teachings, that i oppose it however who am i to say God doesn’t bless one financially. I believe where our heart is, there our treasure would be also. In another word, it is not the accessibility of wealth that our Christian walk is depended on but rather on the every word of God has spoken with relation to Him. If we remain focused on that and rooted that principle in our lives, be it health, or ill health, wealth or broke, what is it to stop us from praising God and following Him wholeheartedly?




One response

4 04 2008

Hi Dan,

I am so glad you came to this revelation on your own. I had to struggle with this for a while until it was revealed to me too. It began to make sense when I started reading Ecclesiastes about a month back.

May this revelation bring you higher in Christ. God bless you.

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