A new generation of warriors

9 01 2008

I love knights, especially one that live with a strict code of honour and conduct, one who defend the noble principle of freedom, defending the weak, the uphold justice. Now at the dawn of a new era of 2008, the Church calls for the ‘knights’ to arise to defend the gospel, not that we do need to defend God but to stand up against the onslaught of gnosticism, atheism, and secularism.

The days of Pseudo-Christianity that was based solely on the emotional, both arousing, and conjuring extreme spectrum of emotional expressions in worship and relativism, is but abused. I am for an outward expression of our faith in emotions especially in worship and in life where the Word of God must ultimately expressed through, however, is that a standard by which absolutism and eternal principles sat on, shifting emotional feelings.

With the enemies coming in like a storm in the likes of seemingly unstoppable storm of atheism, paganism, secularism, and gnosticism, can an emotional Church stand? No. There is a call to the basic – a call to love, fellowship, prayer, intercession, and throughout the world, young people coming together to worship, to come back to the doctrines, and in 2008, God will expose the false teachers and false prophets, and there need to arise a generation of Gideon warriors, one who fought and live by faith.

That i always see them as noble knights in fellow Christians, taking up the shields, carrying the Sword of the Word of God, putting on the full armour of God and raising the standard and banner which is Christ. God is raising up an army, not jesters, and are we ready to pay the price? Am i ready to pay the price?




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