Prophetic words or prophecy?

6 01 2008

There was generally a confusion in this two aspects of the ministry – a pastor giving a prophetic word about a person, and the prophet’s prophecy.

When God reveal something to a pastor of a person concerning a situation or a direction, sometimes it is known as the prophetic words given which allows the listener to discern on the direction God has for him or her, in this, he can choose to submit to God to work out His will, or sometimes, through sheer disobedience, turn away and work out his own way, which results in the prophetic word being forfeited.

On the other hand, when a prophet prophesied, the message always carry a specific word from God on nation, and this He will always bring it to fulfillment. The specific message of God that brings forth judgment, about wrath of God, revelation of a future and a distant future, and this, will always originated from God. The prophet is merely a mouthpiece, a messenger, and a representative of His Will. This the scripture speaks of that the test of the prophet, is that all words of prophecies will come to pass, or he will be a false prophet.

Make no mistake about it, God’s absolute principle in the prophetic office, that the place of a prophet is special, and unique in Him, and equally, the message these prophets have for the nations, is as important and unique. A prophet will not amassed for himself riches and wealth of this world, nor uses such prophetic gifts for his own benefits. How different is the modern prophet to the biblical prophets!




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19 07 2008
Bridget jackson

Do you offer personal propetic words? If so What saith the LORD? Grace and Mercy…

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