Giving my heart to a Saviour

12 12 2007

If the revelation of what we see in the Cross is true, then we can trust what lies the back of it. If the Heart that is back of the universe is like this gentle, strong Heart that broke upon the Cross, then he can have my heart, and that without reservation.

When reading the Gospel of Mark, that speaks on Christ’s rejection by His disciples, His followers, The World, and even God at His crucification. What happened at the Cross, the heart that’s laid bare by the anguish of the Son who has never ever felt the pain of rejection than at the moment when God turned away, and at that, while His love for us, bore our iniquities upon himself, choose to do that although without Sin himself, been made Sinful for my sake. That’s the heart of Christ, which is broken on the Cross, and I can give my heart to, without reservation, and wholehearted.




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