Christian Group sueing BBC

23 11 2007

Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice, said in 2005 that the show portrayed Jesus as a “coprophiliac sexual deviant”. A coprophiliac is someone who is sexually aroused by faeces. The British musical, based on the US television programme, was performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 2002. It moved to the National Theatre in 2003, and then to the West End. It toured the UK for 22 weeks in 2006, and is now showing in New York. The BBC televised the opera in 2005. – Guardian UK

A group of Christians are sueing BBC for televising the blasphemous play by Jerry Springer – the Opera. At first, i thought that Christians should try not to get into a situation we have to sue someone, or some organization, are these Christians doing the right thing? I am sure for one, reserves all judgment in God’s hands. And even the scriptures are clear that in the end days, people will be lovers of themselves and blatant blasphemous of anything holy and will be the representation of the Spirit of the Anti Christ. I am not surprised nor shocked by the audacity of these people, nor any commercial entity hoping to get a profit out of these rubbish, but my concern is whether it is right for a Christian to get involved in this legal entanglement?




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